Child Bedroom orange: excellent choice for your child

As we told you in previous posts, the traditional custom of decorating the children’;s bedroom in blue or pink (depending if it’;s a boy or girl) has led to a trend so varied, which can be risky to use colors from the gayest to the most serious .

93e15  habitacion naranja10

The first room in your small should be a happy place, full of stimuli for the correct learning from the first weeks. A color that meets this requirement is orange, it can also perfectly suit a bedroom or female . In all shades adds warmth and inject dynamism into the decor.

Coral walls

An energizing color that was chosen to paint the walls of this room . To customize each crib is placed stickers with the name of the girls, the detail of the white drawings helps to soften the intense color of the walls, like the white roof, door, windows and lacquered wood cribs in this color.

93e15  infantilnaranja1

At the opposite end is placed 2 dark colored furniture (a chair and dresser-changer), so that contrast is generated without reloading a child’;s bedroom, which must rule that promotes quiet relaxation .

Mixing modern touches of orange and retro style

The perfect alternative if Mom and Dad do not agree between a modern and a more vintage. In the Project Web Nursery we have a proposal eclectic , which coexist in harmony classic pieces (like the crib or lamp) with other very modern (the wallpaper, the dresser and the carpet).

d9339  infantilnaranja4

The connecting element is the color orange on a neutral beige and white, this is present in wallpaper and textile accessories, which as you know are responsible for printing character to a room.

d9339  infantilnaranja3
ee4cf  infantilnaranja2

With green

It is the ideal combination for boy or girl, fun while sober .On a base of walls, windows, floor and crib have mixed white stripes and spots, which have resulted in a baby room very “chic”. The detail of the vinyl (not children) brings a modern touch that fits in perfectly with the decor.

ee4cf  infantilnaranja6

Ideas for all styles and tastes of parents is what we intend to share with you. Yes, always keep in mind that in a baby’;s bedroom main thing is to harmonize the various decorative elements to create a place of peace and rest.

Child Bedroom orange: excellent choice for your child


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