Guest Bedroom in pastel colors to visually enlarge

If we think of existing buildings, we find no room houses very large, which usually allocate the (or) larger bedrooms for the family, and the smallest for occasional visits (the guest bedroom) .

We must therefore seek to increase space visually. So much better to choose pastel colors for decorating the guest room, so we have a guest room light, comfortable and enjoyable, we invite you to rest and relax (which is what we pretend to decorate all rooms) .

How to choose paint for the walls

Nothing better than a “canvas” to start giving clear hints of color. Instead of the white cold, opt for a soft touch of color . When buying paint pastel shade requesting more clear, that is white with a slight hint of color (pink, blue, mauve, green, etc..).


If the room is very small, apply on all fronts, if instead of natural light and space will allow, plays to paint the walls with 2 keys. To choose plaster ceilings and white (and get that light is reflected and the room look bigger).

68189  invitadospastel2

Furniture for the guest room

The bed is the star of the bedroom, and this should be comfortable and have a nice original headboard. But when we talk about a guest room also must be functional on a space. Opt for furniture that transform: beds that convert into double beds, beds that hide under other or couches which function bed. This of Ikea is the best example of a divan bed that can be individually and even king size bed.

979b0  invitadospastel3

For the rest of furniture light wood or wrought iron select and feeling of lightness will project to the environment. A vintage style will stay welcoming your guests sit down for a short period of time, so it is very important that you feel at home.

979b0  invitadospastel4

A toilet at the same time serve as a study area or work  will be a very useful piece of furniture for your guests, while those placed in the personal effects, will be able to use it to place your computer.

1efce  invitadospastel6

Very well chosen accessories

The textiles will be responsible for printing character to the guest room. Decántate neutral tones and add splashes of color with pillows and blankets. The flowers and plantsbrighten the atmosphere, so I placed an arrangement as a welcome for your guests.

1efce  invitadospastel5
1efce  invitadospastel7

Finally add your personal touch to make your guests wear a pleasant and unforgettable memories of the days spent at home.

Guest Bedroom in pastel colors to visually enlarge


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