Interior design tips you can get from nature

If you take the time to learn from nature, one comes to wonderful ideas not only about gardening, but also about the general interior design – here are a few tips interior.
We find inspiration around every corner, you can convert both outside and at home in the form of beautiful works.

1   Do not be shy in front of the great use of color

Do you have a color space, which looks surprisingly nice this year?

Probably nothing speaks against the use of a detail with cool shade at home. Often the insertion of a garish shade is a very good idea. Often it is about a new color, which previously was not one of your favorites. How fabulous can be the result, one can see in the picture above.

Interior design tips you can get from flowers


2   Sometimes it takes longer to achieve the desired look

The plant on the picture looks gorgeous, but it will take some time before it really spreads

e79d0  inneneinrichtung tipps silberregen kriechpflanze

The same goes for the interior design. Sometimes you have to reckon with errors. But you have to try it.

Smooth, natural color for the barrier system

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps k%C3%BCchen schranksystem in hellem minzgr%C3%BCn

3    Looking pieces from their use pays off

Once implanted, the roses bloom again and again

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps pinke rosen

Also in interior design can begin projects that will bring new results again and again and beautify the house several times

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps rote nachtkonsole mit schubladen

4    An eye-catcher can set the tone in your room

The succulents are among those plants which need little care and yet can make a strong statement in the space

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps sukkulente im blumentopf

Inside this function just as well as in nature

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps gr%C3%BCne %C3%A4ste in glasvase

5    Go wild with, but you learn to master the process

Many people through the wild growth of  plants inspired

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps aloe vera und kieselsteine

How to achieve this look tame in interior design? This may include both cascading plants, and flowing drapery and expressive choice of colors. However, this may also include opulent lighting, great geometric art with vibrant hues and lots of bright accents.

Below we see a kind of explosion of colors

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps lebhaftes buntes gem%C3%A4lde

The white walls, the coffee table transparent and seamless borders of the table give the whole an incredible shine. [FromKyle Bunting ]

6    Use some typical seasonal colors in your interior

The rusted and typical seasonal colors can stay hard unnoticed. You have a festive touch and show that nature receives the autumn.

The earthy shades and copious red shades provide a unique contrast to the grass and the leaves represent

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps exotischer strauch

In interior design it’;s always a good idea: it is always interesting to incorporate a few pieces with seasonal shades.

If you currently buy new furniture, you might be inspired perhaps by the autumnal shades

51787  inneneinrichtung tipps bogenlampe aus stahl wei%C3%9Fer egg stuhl

Is it now time for beautiful autumnal shades in your soul and in your apartment? I hope you make it to this article with practical interior design tips to satisfy this desire now!

Interior design tips you can get from nature


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