Mirrored Furniture, decor trend

Perhaps you have noticed how the mirrors are able to give light and space to the rooms. So it should not surprise you that mirror furniture is a trend that is gaining popularity.

Usually it is lined wooden furniture mirrors . In general, you will find him not so easily furniture stores but you can order them in different web sites or send them a glazier or trusted glazier.

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Van perfect in a modern style (look out of a bit in a rustic style for example) if it is a piece of furniture with simple lines.

Others find a rather romantic style and decorated if your style is going down the side vintage , for example.Remember that it is all about decorating harmony.

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Your first movable mirror

If you end up not encourage this type of furniture, I give you 2 good options that you can start. The first is apiece of furniture for the hall that goes against the wall .

High and long will give the space a chic that will be perfect to welcome your guests. Charged much emphasis I’;m sure you’;ll encourage you to try with other furniture. A detail: he placed an object on a bright color, contrast captivate you .

7612a  mueble espejo11

The other option at least to me love is to use a piece of furniture like this in the bathroom. A tallboy (or symphony) will look simply spectacular ! If you place yourself well, this furniture is tall and narrow which generally have 5 to 6 little drawers so you can store small things (all your bathroom accessories close at hand!).

ed3b1  mueble espejo14

Taking into account that the modern bathrooms are not large will take advantage to give the feeling of more space .

A mirror in your dining room furniture

This is another alternative that I think that not only looks good but it will help you turn your dining room into a very elegant room without the need to include other decorations. The 2-door wardrobe does it all . Just notice how the reflection of the table and chairs is almost magical. But still … totally original! I’;m sure you’;ll be the only one with a piece well … just about finding the one that is accurate for you.

ed3b1  mueble espejo9

For example, if you lean a coffee table or side , you can probably go unnoticed because it is a base unit and is usually surrounded by chairs with more presence. So in this case I recommend you give it some air around that has a chance to shine.

7e24e  mueble espejo8

Perfect for your bedroom!

Are more likely to have ever seen this option: mirrored closet doors . As it is a big and tall furniture almost can make your room look twice its size while also adding more light.

7e24e  mueble espejo12

Also notice that the furniture in the bedroom mirror produce a sense of calm . So I do not necessarily have to stay in the alternative that you already gave. The bedside tables and dressers will give you the unique touchyou’;re looking for and special. Try the combination lamps and brightly colored cushions and you will not regret.

7e24e  mueble espejo3

Advantages and disadvantages …

You see mirror furniture has many advantages which are summarized in elegance, originality, lightness and spaciousness. Yet we must not fail to note some points that could play against:

  • If the mirror is not good quality in a short time you will see the stains from smoke , moisture or other external factors.
  • For a mirror furniture look good has to be spotlessall the time (a washcloth wet hand at all times). If you have children, it is not the best idea since your fingers will be marked.
  • You should also be careful to not break or will scratch , in this sense it is very delicate furniture.

b29f5  muebleespejo13

What do you think? Determined? buying your first cabinet mirror ?

Mirrored Furniture, decor trend


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