Modern Japanese House – sustainable architecture and great design

A house design is always based on the balance between the environmental conditions and the targeted result. Lying in Melbourne this colorful, innovative house of Andrew Maynardan is designed and developed. The combination of the natural cantilever roof and the cool, contemporary look creates a dialogue between a fashionable style and a great design. In the heart of the residence there is a maple carefully enclosed in a residential courtyard, which gives a very clear, visual touch to the room.

great rooms, great desing

3d582  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus hoch ebene glasfenster achorn

The street facade hides the chic building structure, created by the designers, and this apartment is perfect stealth it.The house is surrounded by glass windows and leads to the backyard, which offers great views and plenty of natural light. A stylish ergonomic kitchen, dining area and living room are at a lower level in this open plan. Classic design elements such as the brick walls are exhibited in places intact with modern materials such as concrete and glass which complements the interior.

The views from the bathroom on the upper level show all the splendor of nature

3d582  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus glasfenster ahorn nat%C3%BCrlich umgebung

Dark, confidential Bedroom

3d582  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus beleuchtung holz bodenbelag

2 spacious living areas grown in the highest level, harboring the bathroom and the bedroom, while the next natural maple brings freshness. Both – the bathrooms and bedrooms offer cute looks at the tree and even the warm wood tones add an organic look to the interior added. This single family residence in Melbourne distinguished easily by the combination between the semi-minimalist style and the variety of textures.

Wood exudes warmth and cosiness of this device in the kitchen

3d582  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus warm t%C3%B6ne texturen

Cosy atmosphere and practical approach to the architecture is what this home affords. We have the way like on of the designers have combined all the elements.Wise and reasonable, the house you convinced of the amazing diversity!

3d582  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus badezimmer aussicht
f3e02  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus badezimmer rot fliesen
f3e02  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus elegant bodenbelag holz
f3e02  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus h%C3%A4ngelampen k%C3%BCche offen
f3e02  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus homeoffice holz schreibtisch
9206f  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus kastenartig design holz veranda
9206f  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus k%C3%BCchenplatte ausgestellt offen wohnplan
9206f  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus nat%C3%BCrlich umgebung
9206f  Modernes japanisches Einfamilienhaus umgebung natur



Modern Japanese House – sustainable architecture and great design


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