How to decorate my kitchen with little money: the best accessories

The kitchen is an important place in the house like the living room or the bathroom: in this lighted corner are reflected each of the habits of the owners and who handles the kitchen duties. Equipping a kitchen is no easy task but there are some tips that can help!

In this paper we have gathered some pictures so you can get an idea of how that is achieved from modern decor items that are not “ extra details ”but which are so important when it comes to cooking and decorating.

a1960  decoracion utensilios

Use basic utensils

You do not have to allocate a budget for the decoration part of the house, let alone if you had no plans to invest in it. One recommendation I can make is to use that extra money or that part of your budget to buy furniture and make additions that may be useful and decorative … look at this example.

The walls spaces always prove beneficial to acclimatesmall spaces and make them more useful. For the walls of your kitchen can be installed organizers wood or cork with holes (like the one shown in the photo) and use it as a base.

  • Place accessories in good condition (can be pans,pots, spatulas, strainers and everything you need for a normal day kitchen. sure to put either safe to prevent falls and accidents.

a1960  cocina decorada sartenes

The cups, plates and cups are also used to decorate (what I have seen at home). If you buy glasses and cups for your new apartment , tries to choose colors in contrast with the walls or kitchen furniture. This addition will give a special value to the kitchen and look great.

You can collect cups and glasses with different details and vivid colors. Try to give harmony by contrasting combinations and keep care of each of these containers which also will become part of your decor.

589ae  decoracion economica cocinas

The dishes can also be very useful, not only to serve food.A more modern and useful proposal is to use iron organizers (installed on the wall) and hang pots and pans.

A detail added to this type of decoration is the combination of black and white colors , which are perfect if you want to give an elegant air to the kitchen and have the ability to add other vibrant hues.

d4850  decorar cocina utensilios dos

Financial resources for decorating

If you like super fresh color combinations is essential to be in your kitchen. If in addition this has breakfast (table for the first meal of the day) pay attention to some tips that you will serve.

  • Includes accessories in similar colors and contrasting each other.
  • Use accessories like lamps and decorative table linen colors that contribute to the decor.
  • Use hangers for aprons and dryers to prevent disorders.
  • Use natural or artificial plants that give energy to the place.

d4850  decorar de manera sencilla

Consider these details and give a better appearance to your kitchen!

How to decorate my kitchen with little money: the best accessories


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