How to paint a room in 2 Colors

First, you must ensure that the wall is dry and clean .To make it even can use a mass sealant (mastic). This applies in any holes, cracks or imperfections of the wall and spread with spatula to fill. Once it dries, is paired with sandpaper and shake all the dust.

64e29  limpiar paredes

After these steps you should apply the primer so that the paint is fixed properly and the color is uniform. The proportion of 6 parts water and 1 primer. Mix the solution, apply it on the wall with a roller or brush and wait for it to dry.

Combining colors

The advantage of using 2 colors to paint your room is you can get very original combinations and different types of contrasts. Also, if you choose the right furniture will achieve that complement the colors of the room.

The advantage to paint your walls with white and black is that you can complement the colors with accessories , textiles or details on the same wall. If you know match colors correctly will prevent the room look dull and sad.

03e12  blanco y negro2
03e12  blanco y negro1

You can also choose 2 different shades of the same color to get a more balanced and steady . For example, this room with 2 purple tones make the room look more coordinated.

9ae4d  morado

If you want something more striking and dramatic , try combining pairs like yellow and purple, orange and blue or red and green. These colors are complementary and when together, help to highlight the room. These combinations are ideal for rooms of teenagers or children , as they are stimulants.

9ae4d  juvenil2
67df0  juvenil1

Another interesting option is to create your own designsusing stripes . Using masking tape (or special paint walls with this style) you can run the stripes will paint and finish is perfect. For example, you can make stripes of 20 cm wide on the main wall and alternate with the 2 colors you chose. Remember that the stripes vertical will cause the environment to grow larger and taller, whilehorizontal will make the space look more compact.

67df0  franjas cintas
d96a8  habitacion rayas

Let flow your imagination and look for the best ways to combine 2 colors to paint your room. What is your favorite finish ?

How to paint a room in 2 Colors


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