New Year’s Eve Party – as you can celebrate with the whole family

If you would like to organize a family-friendly New Year’;s Eve party, our current collection of ideas will certainly be very helpful for you. In this case, it is particularly the children and the flexibility of our facility. Explore these practical tips and decorations. With a little imagination and creativity, you can build on that base and create an attractive atmosphere for your New Year celebration.

A very simple, but incredibly effective idea for the New Year party with children is the insertion of tables and chests of drawers with wheels. In this way you will be able to quickly and easily transform the space and create free space to play or dance.

A separate area for adults where alcohol beverages are available, could prove to be practically just as good. Thus, not all your guests gather at once at the buffet, and hence the festival is run relaxed.

Decorate the buffet with drinks clock, colorful paper lanterns and other party items for an optimal festive mood

098bb  silvester party pendellampen rund aus papier und gepunktete nachttischlampe

Elegant champagne and beer glasses with greeting words can be a nice memory of your great New Years Eve Party

098bb  silvester party sektgl%C3%A4ser selbst gemustert

Kids love colorful. You can tinker together with your little one cool cake decoration. Bake a plain cake like this below in white. Using a Plätzchenausstechers cut from fruit leather in different colors from large and small circles.Then simply place the colored circles on the cake icing and press this very slightly.

You can decorate the cake stand with a matching gift paper


Do more color drinks on a buffet – with olives, lemons, cocktail cherries

e1c31  silvester party getr%C3%A4nke buffet f%C3%BCr erwachsene

The delicious appetizers taste even better in unusual containers, right?

e1c31  silvester party olivenmix mit schafsk%C3%A4se w%C3%BCrfeln

For your breakfast, you can relax and leave everything in Italian cuisine. It is very popular and wholesome. With its colorful, mild dishes it is usually very welcome in children.

Align the delicious antipasti on elegant plates and decorate with fresh herbs such as basil or oregano

e1c31  silvester party leckere italienische antipasti

Funny pointed hats and snacks

e1c31  silvester party zum knabern f%C3%BCr kinder

Original decorative items like these fabric roses you can very easily make

e1c31  silvester party bunte stoffblumen mit punkten und streifen

Or surprise your guests with expertly wrapped gifts

e1c31  silvester party bunte %C3%BCberraschungen p%C3%A4ckchen

Your children will just love to prepare themselves for the New Year party

e1c31  silvester party basteln mit kindern papierh%C3%BCte

So stay calm and do not worry more about the New Year stress. With our great ideas every stress will not come into question for you. Let us once again everything going through your head and create a family-friendly New Year’;s party atmosphere that will bring all the joy and unforgettable moments.

New Year’s Eve Party – as you can celebrate with the whole family


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