Painting smooth cement flooring

Maybe you’;re about to choose the floor for your new home, want to reform or already have a smooth cement floor but want to make a change. Here I have very good news if so.

78d4b  cementoalisado1

Although until recently the smooth cement floor (concrete)companies used it for its resistance and neutrality (generally found him in gray), things have changed. The trend in decoration marks it as an alternative amazingly versatile while durable. Know that is a favorite in the decorations minimalist and modern .

Cement? Smoothing for your home?

The smooth cement is a mixture of coarse and fine attached (such as split stones and sand) and cementitself 3 to 5 inches thick. As you can imagine its composition is very resistant to traffic and w7 Among its advantages is that it does not need any special product for cleaning. You will find that is common to coat pools .

78d4b  cementoalisado2

However, if you are thinking it may be a little boring, do not have to worry. An alternative that few know is that you can paint and use all your imagination unlike other floors like ceramic, porcelain or polished granite which can not be painted.

It will be very difficult to get the material, since you canapply any paint to floor and the advantage is that they are mostly not have such high costs, traffic very well resist the effects of weather, as well as being waterproof and skid.

Prepare a smooth cement floor

The most important thing to achieve total paint adhesion is that the surface has been properly prepared. should be clean and dry , ie without wax, dust, mold, moisture or traces of another painting.

78d4b  cementoalisado6

Chances are you may need to be sanded so you need an expert in this field . You will see that even some professionals are turning to a treatment with acid to leave really smooth, so it is a work of great skill.

Total freedom!

Although originally can find and in a single color (heavy or light) mixed with satin or gloss finish , not necessarily have to leave it.

9f4cb  cementoalisado3

I can paint a color, you can choose different or rather by different forms or combinations. Maybe cause you the abstract . In this case understand that the professional you hire will have to be a real artist to make work worthwhile.

9f4cb  cementoalisado4

The epoxy paint for concrete floors

Besides common flooring paints, safe hear about epoxy , and that the name scare you! This is a paint composed of2 components, a resin of high durability and strength, and a glaze (epoxy).

9b39b  cementoalisado5

You wonder what is the difference with other paintings.Probably not forget to paint this for years because itsdurability and strength is 100% . Overall use is industrial (so you’;ll find explained at first that associates much to smooth cement floor), so I resist you move furniture, trolley wheels and heavy traffic.

Other paintings that will be tough enough for your floor great for politeurano are also manufactured from resin.remember that this is not the only paint that you can use (the epoxy) but any painting that is special to floors.

d3aff  cementoalisado7

I hope these tips will have decided for a prompt renewal of your floors .

Painting smooth cement flooring


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