The white color: the new trend in interior decorating

It is pure, simple, fully adaptable to all corners of the house and although much has been said about their care and cleaning, the target will be for a long time, one of the favorite sons of the decor.

Recent years have been full of a movement that mixesminimalist with pure colors . If you want to know how to decorate your home takes into account some details of this notice and be encouraged to feel in a space much larger though in truth it is not.

The trend is white

Several decades ago the target had already noted its importance in the decoration, so that since then has been coming back again and again with more fun and better proposals complemented.

Within this trend, and although it is a single concept, there are several styles, 2 of them, which are considered the most important, will be addressed throughout this article.

Carla Cruz Revilla DobleCestudio within his many projects has also made ​​different designs and blanks that from his position as an architect, I contacted her and asked for his help with this article.

White all : it is a complicated proposal for who will take charge of the decoration. His contextualization requires very precise guidelines to achieve a really attractive view.

The lack of color in an environment that is full of white is one of the biggest disadvantages decorators are performing their job and that is why their price is much higher.

1c046  deco en blanco

White with color accents : because it is an easy color to combine is the first choice of many designers and architects. Here are permitted various textures, colors and patterns, especially if they provide energy and strength to the overall atmosphere.

In the proposed white with splashes of color using iron, aluminum, dark wood and natural. Is preferred to maintain the style and avoid recharge with added color too.

a7620  blanco con toques de color

What places in your house will be decorated on any of these trends? With the help of some images and the

A cozy room in white

A fully decorated white room is sometimes all we need to give a party to rise to the occasion. If you are able to remodel this space I suggest taking into account some guidelines.

As Carla says, ”It is a very good option because it allows us to obtain a more spacious, bright, fresh and flexible. It allows us to play with color, without getting bored, and we could change accessories and details and have something different without spending so much ”

The white, to represent the absence of color , need to be reinforced with shapes and textures pleasing to the eye. It is very important that we use furniture color details in its development and to contrast with the curtains and carpets.

a7620  sala en blanco

Materials: glass and polished wood are very good complements. They are frequently used in the decoration of the common areas and you can take them home through coffee tables, shelving, decorative vases and bottles.

For our specialist the MDF is the ideal material for furniture , functional, durable and easy to install, can be bright or satin finish as the case. The idea is to have everything in balance, tner as the background color and choose white for some accent color.

The minimalist approach is white goes well and that is why there is a great variety of furniture finishing, which give priority to the empty spaces. The proposal decorative white and is enhanced by black color accessories like carpet, some blinds and even a centerpiece.

48a4f  sala decorada en blanco

Kitchen decorated in white

The kitchens and dining most famous television programs give great emphasis to white, a color that, seen from the culinary, health and good care indicates the conservation of materials and ingredients.

For a white kitchen is cleaning the pillar. You need to constantly renew the floors , walls and furniture so that they maintain a uniform color and enjoyable for the viewer.

48a4f  cocina en blanco 2

White gives many license s! A picture is worth more than my words, so it appears in the picture below you can see how perfectly combine white with organizers, jars, cans and even napkins for dishes in various colors.

0e485  cocina en blanco 1

Super Space impeccable: a dip in white

In previous spaces we saw cleanliness and elegance as pillars while in the decoration of the bathrooms of these supplements is added to the relaxation factor .

A bath fully decorated in white will be the perfect excuse to flatter a little bath time or a nap stay low suds.

0e485  bano propuesta blanco

Sum-ons : it is rare to see in decorating a bathroom, details like boxes or pots large. In the bathroom decor supplements do much of the work. Maintaining this place is basic so try to be aware.

15455  propuesta bano 1

Relax in a room all white

Your whole house can be decorated in white! Your room, that place so special and unique for the most important moments can be decorated entirely in white. Floors, ceilings, walls, closet, bedroom furniture and lighting, all set for a modern decor and super relaxing.

15455  sala decoracion absoluto2

Maintenance blank spaces decorated

There are several ways to care for our hard white decor, some more useful than others. These are the recommendations of our specialist.

  • Choose blank items correctly within the space andcreate a balance . We could choose background walls and white furniture or something sober contrast white with colored accessories, whether cushions or decorative items such as vases, carpets etc.
  • Ideally, keep in mind that everything is important , that each element has a reason to exist and that all together form a whole. So everything is important, furniture, color, accessories, etc..

Tips for decorating your house in black

  • Give emphasis to details and accessories
  • Use minimalist furniture
  • Illuminated with white light
  • Make a daily maintenance of house
  • Do not be afraid to make combinations
  • Use warm colors

The white color: the new trend in interior decorating


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