How to decorate the bedroom for newlyweds

One of the most common mistakes newlyweds can actually buy furniture that does not fit in the space or left very limited. So before you buy your main furniture (bed, dresser, wardrobe, bedside tables) measured the proportions of the room so that no problems.

  • Choose a color scheme

When we unite disparate elements, we get a nice little combination sight and remember that in the bedroom the idea is to get a sense of tranquility . So choose together for a range that is pleasing to both (please forget the pink you had in your dorm shower!).

The most popular colors for a master bedroom are on the greens, blues, grays and beige. The neutrals in general are always a good alternative to blend.

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This point is important to take this into account as furniture and decorative objects revolve around him:

Classic : The wood and upholstery have great prominence.

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Modern : Straight lines and smooth surfaces take over. It is a simple and practical style.

69638  dormitorioreciencasados4   Minimalist : With very few objects even if they are smart.For some it may be a bit chilly for bedroom.

ebedc  dormitorioreciencasados5   Eastern (or Zen ) : Near minimalist style that is based on the order and harmony but includes Asian elements.

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  • Decide what furniture needs

Do not buy to buy. Prepare a list of major furniture or objects they really need and use. The basis for the bedroom are:

  • Bed. remember it will determine your rest, it is best to not try to save on the mattress.
  • Wardrobe or closet. can dress inside to make the most of the space.
  • Nightstand. It is best to be on both sides of the bed.Also, some headers with space to put a few things.
  • Comfortable. If you do not have much space, you can opt for a tall and narrow chest of drawers.
  • Mirror. This can be a decorative element where you will find lots of variety.

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Practical details of decoration for the bedroom

  • Includes a carpet on the side of the bed to add color and texture to this area or else place it in an area of the room you want to differentiate from the rest.

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  • The bedding … is the most practical way to vary the decoration. So pay attention when choosing. At first they may have a couple of games full for a change, so try these differ completely. Try changing your bed with different face cushion covers and pillow.
  • A bedside lamp with personality ! At first, it is best to not reload the bedroom with decorative elements.Remember that now 2 people and over time you will notice that everyone needs specific elements you had not contemplated at first. Therefore, yourbedside lamp can also be practical style give the note you need.

f9658  dormitorioreciencasados7

Tips for newlyweds!

  • A handy tray . If you still needed some furniture and you have on horizon acquire a multipurpose tray with feet can be the ideal solution. Can serve for mid-afternoon snack, to use the laptop, or to review reports of the work.

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  • Coasters at hand. Just’;re releasing your furniture and you should not be surprised if your new husband does not have the same care as you with them. Toprevent staining , coasters placed in strategic places such as the nightstand or dresser.
  • A nice rack . Besides giving you a chic touch to the room, will keep you maintain order. Both can hang the wrap that will be used day or tomorrow and you can leave your wallet at hand list.

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  • Hire a carpenter . Like any couple just starting out, maybe the budget that have not respond to buy furniture designer but a great idea is that you take a walk through your favorite stores and Photoblog design ones you gus8. Looking for a good carpenter who can prepare the same model at a lower price.

I leave you with this video that can give you many more ideas for your new bedroom married. luck!

How to decorate the bedroom for newlyweds


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