How to decorate your living and dining room with vases

Nothing like decorating the house with vases to give a higher profile and presence. Therefore, in this post we will see some very good ideas on how.

2fcae  jarronesd

I confess that until recently, all I knew about vases were to see how they broke in television sitcoms. However, beyond this fact jocular, one day I was in a mall, I saw one that left me with my mouth open.

It was a beautiful vase semidelgado body clay, and large figures representing 10iA worldview and own designs Province CHulucanas (north of Peru ) . I thought of the beauty of its form: the base, which was narrow, would then thicken up redone narrow at the top and give way to a beautiful peak, like a woman’;s neck, and then I realized that in a corner of my room in a house or receiver input, would look perfect.

2fcae  chulucanas

What seemed a simple decorative object was much more than that, and therefore, in this post will devote a few lines about how to decorate your living and dining rooms with these items.

Vases and trends

There is everything in the world of vases : large, small, wide, narrow, glass, porcelain, clay, metal, solid colors or decorated with embossed and reliefs, and that’;s good because it allows one million possibilities decorate your home and giving it your style. Yes, you have to know which one is suitable according to the color of the walls of our stay, the type of furniture and the place they occupy.

81b57  jarrones cuadrados1

Today are also in fashion glass vases and square shape give it a modern touch to your living or dining room. Or if you prefer classical, Chinese vases are always fashionable.His sophistication and presence will certainly brighten you home.

You can use your room for the model that you like , whether classic, modern or design, but always leading with the observations that I have given above. Some are reluctant to models away completely classic, but I think so you would get a different and very special touch to your home:

81b57  jarron alternativo

But, as I say, everything always according to the type of home, colors and designs. For example you will not put a super small vase into a small room, a Chinese classic vase is not either a small room or a mini glass vase in a large room or a super dining table.

Here we will tell you what kind of vases go with your type of home :

Large living and dining rooms

For a large living and dining room , which generally carry defined soft colors like pastels, ideally a large vase. The corners are ideal places to put your room large vases

I suggest thin or slender vase. As for color, you can compare the colors with a strong one for your vase, either plain or mixed. This for example would this lovely blue wonders

81b57  jarron azul largo

Materials?? pottery or porcelain are going well. The crystal also. For transparent stone filler gives a lot of variety and life. The glass colors are also stunning.

If you are using long vases, put branches of artificial ears. They give a super boost, plus you do not have to suffer from time to time changing the flowers, as is natural when you put them. Although the blue vase needs no gimmick, look how well look at this photo below:

6c780  jarrones espigas2

In this type of rooms also go classic Chinese vases , in fact, I would put them in a corner with a pedestal cabinet ensalzarlos further. The decoration of these vases are fabulous. Do not put no flowers, these vases look for themselves.

f3a0c  jarron chino

In a dining room or large round vases are essential to keep them alive. In the center of the table are ideal.Imagine them with a potpourri of flowers. In the corners of the room are also well placed large vases. And not to mention the centerpieces, use them with vases that match:

f3a0c  jarrones centro mesa

Or, look at this other game room with this clay vase wide body style bottle looks great, gives you enough vitality (and notice that in the cabinet next to the table, long style bottle vases set the standard also ):

bce32  jarron comedor arcilla

Some kitchens have small furniture or cabinets. On them you can decorate your space with small vases . They come in various forms. I’;m thinking right now in those bottles shaped vases with wide base and narrow peak. But these models could be the next picture that fit perfectly into the design of the room:

bce32  sala chica

For small environments

If your living room or dining room is definitely small vases should be of non-invasive design and size . For example the type of bottle or jar Roman type (wide and narrow the nozzle at the base). The corners can be exploited very well with slender vases and centerpieces too. However, simple models like this, square are excellent:

3ada4  jarron vidrio cuadrado1

In both cases I recommend clear glass vases . Its texture will pass as well as allowing light integrated into the environment without recharging. Not to mention the glass is, in itself, a thin material that gives the bonus you are looking for your environments that may or room or dining area as in this case:

3ada4  jarron comedor cristal piedras

In vases like these are well stones or potpourri of flowers, or even both as in the photo.


How to decorate your living and dining room with vases


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