Lightboxes: original designs to decorate your room

When you think of your bedroom , you should think of it as something you. Something to enjoy your own style, your preferences and your comfort. Although the bed is the central element because it is on our rest, night table is his inseparable companion .

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night and have you take a glass of water, your cell or a light very close? It happens to me more or less often, so before bed I have a little ritual in which my bedside table is the protagonist. They leave prepared everything I might be missing if my sleep is interrupted for some reason.

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Original models Bedside

It is combining functionality with a touch of taste and decoration. If you had not thought before, here are some ideas of what you may have been looking to give a different image to your room.

The model of your nightstand can be diverse. From a Baroque colonial, retro, to a modern or oriental. However,care that does not clash with the rest of the furniture, especially your bed, which is the closest element.

This night table Naty.mosko , for example, uses plastic, a rare material for bedroom furniture. Totally unique ! You can do it yourself with a plastic box (or fruit jaba) and 4 wooden sticks for legs, super easy!

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Or maybe you like to be always one step ahead, so that this model ultra modern and minimalist is yours … To make this light table, you can have the design done a carpenter and tell her you love embedded in the wall. The bottom can serve you to put your shoes up, for example.

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Are you one of the people who rides his headquarters in his bed and no one takes her out of there? You work, answer calls, dinners, you get your beauty treatments and also need remote control of television always on hand?Then, a light table with many divisions is for you, because you have about everything you need.

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Super practical! To you enough to have a glass of water nearby and a light to be arranged life. Also there are options for you as well, can be extremely modern. I loved the idea, because you can send a specialist to do work with metal and already nightstand list!

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A look that is trendy fashions, accessories and furniture, is the vintage . A combination of classic styles with French and English antique finish that gives an elegant and romantic. If you have any side table or night at home and is old, not throw!, Take it and paint it to renew and reuse it, do not know how beautiful you will see a vintage bedside table in your room !

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But if you look to your bedroom is very cozy and a totally away from work and everyday life, you might like it, like me, the rustic style . Lightboxes iron wood very nice, you can even send them to your taste.

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Tips to consider for your nightstand!

  • Try, if possible, to keep it clean and clear for you to be totally useful. If you’;re like me and can not help desordenarla, place a decorative item (like a lamp or an ornament) large enough to fill the extra space and is free of other things.

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  • Many people buy bedside tables as part of the game in the bedroom , but not a rule. In general, this prevents splitting harmony, but if you want to, you can search for an item of the night table (for example drawers or color) that somehow merges with the rest of furniture.
  • You can help highlight your bedroom with your nightstand. For example, if you use a flat table, theelements that you put on top, like a lamp or any other embellishment will enhance the space, because it is an important point of view when you enter the room. You can also put a glass on top to protect and under glass, post photos, postcards, drawings or would you like.
  • The number of drawers is a very important point when choosing your nightstand. Maybe when you wake up, if you put some music and if you have a drawer especially for your Cd’;s. In that case, you need a piece of furniture that you have at least 2 drawers.

df7bd  mesadeluz2   Inevitable elements in your Lightbox

  1. Lamp . If you wake up in the middle of the night, because you heard a strange noise or had a nightmare, you want to have a light as close as possible.
  2. Medicines or health-related object, such as, for example, measure your lenses. You’;ll want to have on hand if you want to watch TV or read a book midnight.
  3. Everyday objects , such as tissues, remote control, phone.
  4. Clock . This is one of the most usuale, s because it helps you get up in the morning.
  5. Beauty Elements . Your night moisturizer, your bar to moisturize your lips or any body lotion. Even a nail file and polish can be useful to have on your bedside table.

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I’;m sure these tips will you reach a nice light table in your room as well as a nice decoration for this. What was the model that you like best?

Lightboxes: original designs to decorate your room


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