Tips for decorating with mirrors

It is impossible to go into a house and it has at least onemirror that we receive . These are necessary in any decor.They help to give a feeling of space and provide lightingto different parts of our homes. Yes, we must know how to use but can be fatal in our decor and we should not risk it.

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I give some tips very interesting and functional, they can use if they want to add more mirrors in your home or depa. They contribute, for the countless models and designs out there, with the style of decor you choose. For example, it is always good to have a large mirror from head to toe. It is usual to locate in areas where there is interaction between people, can be a living room or the main room of the house. Some people choose to have large mirrors in their bedrooms.

2c312  espejoensalita 300x200
9d5d9  espejosdepiesacabezas 300x272

Something to keep in mind is always not place mirrorsagainst walls empty, and we’;ll get a sense of emptiness and coldness. Besides what captivates the mirrors is its reflection and perspective that is when we see the ways through them.

If we illuminate a room to place a mirror is a great idea, but yes you should direct it to the light input frotalmente keeping lest he fall. In this way the light bounces to every part of the room completely illuminating and giving warmth to every corner. They also allow spaces expandsmall or small, but preferably we use those without frame and if they do it’;s not too noticeable.

9d5d9  espejoiluminacion 256x300

You can also use small mirrors and mosaics. You can create forms and give perspective to the room where the place yourself. Another tip is to use mirrors in cabinets or shelves . These will give you relief and the objects will appreciate more. Even if you have many embellishments or elements within the empty spaces will go unnoticed.

d76f0  espejoformas 262x300
d76f0  estantes 300x224

The mirrors are an accessory widely used in all decoration, but we have to know how to use it. As esxisten countless design and style and we choose depends on our tastes and desires , in which no one has the last word.That’;s right: they already have some ideas about where to put them. If you know another interesting tip feel free to comment. Now enjoy hechemosnos mirrors and countless ways to decorate.

Tips for decorating with mirrors


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