Curtains, blinds, Japanese panels and everything in shades

If there is a home accessory simple and very useful these are definitely the curtains . The vast majority of times go unnoticed, despite everything that can delay you in choosing them is not always achieved the reviews and ratings of those who go home. Maybe this can change if you vary a bit and replaced in the typical rail curtains for some other within the variety out there.

Now come the holidays this year and we all want to change a little the images of our home , it does not hurt a change in the curtains, an investment that will not only protect you from the sun’;s rays but it will make you feel at home new.

Baroque Curtains

The baroque , as a cultural movement that emerged from the 6teenth century , transformed in many ways the course of things. In architecture, for example, there are wavy surfaces, colors, movement and dynamism so that even today we can see some performances.

efd66  cortina barroca1

They are very classic and sophisticated , the finishes are designed with great care and caution. No doubt masterfully represent Baroque culture. The folds of fabric give a detail romantic home, and are ideal for furniture and finishes combine with vintage .

55efe  cortina barroca2

Curtain rail

They are characterized by simple design acabos varied, therail curtains are classic, those that are still safe somewhere in your house and mine. Installation is a delicate process, but there is no doubt that they look great.The favorite places for this type of curtains are the rooms, rooms and shared spaces.

55efe  cortina riel

  • How to install curtain rail?

Before choosing a curtain rail, make sure you’;re ready to install. In this video tutorial you can see the process of installing the rails, with only a drill and a screwdriver simply can get.



Cortina Romana

A delicate and simple garment which, when activated by a ribbon or string is lifted, the piece begins to rise horizontally while the fabric is folded in cloth.

4d3a9  cortina romana

Although its design seem less complicated than anyone, have a relatively high price and this is due to its high demand. In 2011 this type of design is considered trend .Many times the price depends on the number of wooden rods are used for clothing .

4a273  cortina romana2

Vertical slat curtain type

His name sounds like something from a complicated architecture book and you’;d think it is a difficult finish, however, curtains vertical slats are none other than those we see in the images.

4a273  lama vertical1

Considered one of the most economical options for the home, as well as being tough and strong . The most attractive thing is vertical slats that can be adjusted according to the opening you want.

86f61  lama vertical2

Japanese Panel

Japanese panels or blinds Japanese , come from where its name suggests. Are very similar to each of the shafts of a fan, and is collected into each of the sides. Perfect for any room in your house, protect your furniture from the sun and combine excellent with them, because you can find them in thousands of colors, depending on your tastes.

7c528  panel japones1

Curtains for small spaces

In small spaces should go for light elements, which recharge the environment but instead make this look spacious and bright. At that point the window dressing plays a special role as the place curtains, drapes or blinds light , becomes the best choice for homes of a few meters.

  • This type of curtains, for its texture, are nearly silent, blend into the wall and integrated into the decor. Thetrends are inclined to give great importance to the richness and texture of the fabric (the thickness, the plot, the fall, the body, etc.). You can opt for natural and plain fabrics, especially linen or silk, but if you like the originality of prints lean for narrow stripes in gray, black and white or floral prints in mini with a hint of color.

7c528  visillos2

  • The best way to put it to cover a little more than the window occupies between 20 and 30 cm per side, or between 5 and 10 if it is a blind. This allows different combinations: the most used are a central and 2 falls blind side (always on lightweight) in the same color or the same color but different range, or the 2 blinds (one Venetian and other paqueto ).
  • Another ”fashion” in shades is to hide the track and give greater prominence to the bars. The latest are those metallic finish or wood clad steel, of which the curtains or drapes hanging light with the help of rings that can be opened and closed easily. And speaking of the length of the curtains in living rooms and bedrooms can choose from a height that makes you crawl imitating a theater curtains.

5ddc3  visillos3

  • We all know that the blinds are easy to install and maintain and are cheaper (less wear cloth) and help give a very contemporary style. Its simple style allows windows to be placed in all sizes, in all environments and fit with any decorating style .
  • If you also need to reinforce the isolation of light, blinds are now made ​​with new fabrics that not only prevent the passage of light when needed. The new technologies have developed tissues including an air chamber that prevents the entry of cold.

5ddc3  visillos1

A design modern and original home for a young man. No doubt there are a variety of models to personalize your space and make it much more inviting. I’;ll stick with the Japanese blinds, and you already have your favorite?

5ddc3  panel japones2


Curtains, blinds, Japanese panels and everything in shades


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