Decorating Coffee Tables

Recently a friend told me that his brother gave him a beautiful coffee table for your home. The piece consists of a combination of natural wood lacquered with clear glass in a very elegant and modern. However, in his own words is very large and so far not decided how to organize it so that it looks neat and elegant . Here are some suggestions.

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Basics to decorate coffee tables are all elements that you can use to decorate. Many might think that one could use vases with flowers, others only ceramics, but really any element serves to get that personal touch .

You just have to go with the imagination and guided fashion trend that tells us if it is orderly, balanced and easy to remove from the table, is perfect. But first it is good to recognize what elements we can use. These include:

Coffee Tables Decorating with books and magazines

If anything you can offer your visitors is something good to read, only also should match the color of your furnitureand cushions. Another fact about this object is not to exceed 3 numbers and should be of various sizes,also should not be issues that you do not know, you handle or have not read before (in the case of the novels).

For example, if you want to look your furniture, the color of the books must be consistent with the color of the cushions of your room and in various colors to make contrast. Now, if the books are not the ideal colors, you can cover them with colored paper and ready.

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Decorate your table with ceramics or sculptures

Having them gives one chic touch to any coffee table, but care must be taken that this piece does not exceed the size of a quarter of the length of the table. That will prevent it look huge and out of place also is important to know to choose the right model .

For example, if it is a black and white decor , the ideal may be to acquire a sculpture in white or black to go in line with the rest. Similarly in the case of ceramics in general, they should all be cute and match the color and design of the decoration.

24209  mesa 03

Flowers for your centerpiece

This is a classic element in any decoration, since by its beauty, fragrance (in some cases) and simplicity, accommodate rapidly. Their shapes and colors allow you to combine both ceramic vases or alone on a container .They are of 2 kinds, natural and artificial. The natural flowers are more elegant and more expensive because you have to constantly change so they are always beautiful.

24209  mesa09

The artificial are more economical by being easy to maintain, even in the market and there are those that look very natural. A recommendation to them is that, like the books, not to be combined more than 3 colorsdifferent to make it look neat and elegant.

Candles varied

Candles illuminate us not only a very romantic atmosphere, but depending on what we want to give our house can be scented or not. The size, color and shape of the sail is very important, as they are also complement our space center.

52a0b  mesa04


Having a pot of fresh plants is another interesting alternative, this can be round, square, big or small, one or more of various sizes and materials. The important thing is that you can see with grace and elegance . In this case have been placed on a tray which will remove them easily.

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Other accessories

Here are contained all those elements that can serve as decoration and also can work very well in use. An example of this are the candlesticks and vases you can find them in metal, ceramic or wood depending on what you want.

4d260  mesa07

A tray is usually basic for table decoration trend, where the functionality does not conflict with the order and elegance. You can even choose them in bright colors (so fashionable today) and combine them with the printing or cushions of your furniture. Here the tray centered decorative objects in an orderly and balanced books, flowers, ceramics and candles.

4d260  mesa06

Something as simple as the pose-cups or ashtrays can not be away from the table if there is occasion for them.You can choose designs in vibrant colors that complement your table elements.

Bowls of various sizes and similar items can make your decoration in a relaxing and attractive view, and if you accompany with some natural fruit very fraganciosas as peaches, quinces, apples or other station that you like so much. What do you think?

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If you still have doubts even as you sort your items to make your coffee table cute and stylish, I leave this cute video, which is in English but you can guide you step by step how to do it. Luck!

Decorating Coffee Tables


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