Decorating walls with stencils, renew your decor

It is a fact that as humans we tend to get bored very quickly-sometimes-of the things around us. For example, in our house we got tired of the color of the walls , the location of things or the same furniture. And we can not wait to renew and change everything , but we lack of time stops and clear!, budget.

3839a  estencil flores

But fortunately, there are in the world of interior decorating techniques thousands of fast, cheap and easy to do to give that touch of novelty to our spaces, particularly at our walls and furniture that are not usually change as often .

One of these is the stencil decorative techniques . Have you heard of it? It is more or less the same idea as that ofdecals that are so fashionable and youthful children’;s decor. In this article we will know a little more this way topaint and decorate walls , wooden furniture or what you want; few tips on how to apply and some ideas for you too you do at home.

What is a stencil?

  • The stencil consists of a design stamped or cut into a mold pattern on a flat surface. This is done by applying paint with a sponge or aerosol.
  • The molds can purchase them at a store or DIY craft, or make them yourself by cutting a thick cardboard or old X-rays, the design you want to trace. Yes, you should secure it with masking tape to the surface so it will not move when painting.

1b8b0  plantilla estencil

  • To paint, use a sponge, a toothbrush or brushstencil special for that short hair is round. Just do not squirt the paint because the technique is to dry brush.
  • For the walls we recommend using synthetic paint or enamel to give you shine the design and look like an adhesive.
  • I suggest that before painting the design on the wall, try it on some other surface to see how it is. This also lets you test the colors or some effect that you would like as a gradient, for example.

35c87  tecnica estencil

The possibilities are endless and I assure you that as soon as you start, you will not be able to stop, and you’;ll want to decorate the walls and furniture in your home. I leave you with some options that I liked from the thousands of photos I saw on the internet, you will sure help!

For your bedroom

It is true that this is the most personal of the house, so you should take your time to decorate in a way you happy and relaxes you at the same time. That’;s why I loved this design of doves, as you invite to dream and let your imagination. Also cute purple bedroom with the plant that goes next to the bed, do not you think?

35c87  estencil dormitorio
d1723  estencil dormitorio2

For a nursery or juvenile

For young people of the house is beautiful designs. Stencil designs can be applied across a wall or a detail like butterflies coming out of the crib. I think the point is to make combinations that can be fun and super well with the decor of the habitación.Te recommend that when designing the room of your children, always ask advice and help, so that they feel involved in the project and so happy.

d1723  stencil infantil
16123  estencil infantil

For the living

For this space of the house is also great options. The designs of plants and nature rejoice and give life to any room, you have to do is match the colors correctly . For example, for this room bright green, cream tones give neutrality. The idea of placing a phrase I find lovely too, and can make your space becomes a place of inspiration.

89576  estencil sala

And extra bonus, a picture of a kitchen decorated with stencil covered ; fun, right?

89576  estencil cocina

As you see, is a very simple decorative method . In my sister’;s room painted yellow stars as a border in one of the pardes using a mold of cardboard and some paint left over from when we painted my room, she loves the stars! Try it and tell us how it goes.

Decorating walls with stencils, renew your decor


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