Entertainment centers and tv furniture

The entertaining rooms have become a vital space in the home. The centerpiece of these rooms is obviously TV.The furniture makers on hold, give a space decorative and functional at the same time.

Entertainment centers, furniture holding the TV, can be in 2 ways: wardrobes to the wall structure and other movable . Then I will explain the 2 types to help you determine which is the most convenient for you.

Built Entertainment Centers

These furniture can be hung or attached to the wall, or leave the structure of it as a sort of ledge. They can be of different materials, such as fiberglass, plastic, wood or cement, the choice of it depends on the overall decor of the space.

a532d  centro de entretenimiento7

As we can see, this type of entertainment center merges harmoniously with the space . The structures that comprise it are glued to the wall, so you should change it and make holes, not a recommended option if your house or apartment is rented.

a532d  centro de entretenimiento61

The shelves will place decorative items and VCRs. While the drawers may be disks, cables, among others. Since these are not commercial furniture, we should come with a designer or interior designer, she can tell how much space you need, the size of your TV, among other preferences.entertainment center wall must be unique and super original home.

4395d  centro de entretenimiento81
4395d  centro de entretenimiento91

Mobile entertainment centers

The mobile entertainment center are those who find in most department stores and decorating. ’;s furniture that we build ourselves and that are distributed in sections.

a49d4  centro de entretenimiento

Generally, they are made ​​of wood and consist of 3 parts: section for TV, drawers and shelves . The television area we usually find in the middle with ample space for TVs 30 “forward. Then we have the drawers which are in the bottom and finally, the ledges surrounding the television.

a49d4  centro de entretenimiento2

Completely symmetrical entertainment center

On the shelves closest to the TV are placed on DVD and / or Blu-ray player or set top box. Make sure that no element disrupting signals between the device and the remote control. If you have a game console such as Nintendo Wii or Play Station, also place them on the shelves, the game controls can save them in the drawer to make it look neater.

a49d4  centro de entretenimiento3

You can add lighting in your entertainment center, so it is advisable to go to an electrician

The most remote of the TV brackets are to decorate the entertainment center. You can place photographs, small sculptures or table books … let your imagination run wild in this area! In my home I have a home theater , a sound system that seeks to recreate what we experience in film, the speaker of the lower charge immediately place it below the tv and the other 2 speakers, on shelves away from the top corners.

9ee58  centro de entretenimiento4

On the other hand, l os drawers are used to store items such as DVDs, Blue-ray, cables, extra batteries, etc.. Place them all the elements that are visually appealing and break the harmony of the piece.

9ee58  centro de entretenimiento5

Entertainment center square with decorative ledges lot

Considerations before purchase

  • Size of TV : this is the most important, you will not want to stay much space or just the TV does not come.
  • Mobility: you are staying in your home or apartmentmore than a couple of years or temporary. This is relevant when deciding if you want a built-in cabinet or furniture with the ability to easily disassembled.
  • Color and material: Always keeping the overall style of the room.
  • Space Available : Before you buy you have tomeasure either the space where the furniture will be placed

Entertainment centers and tv furniture


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