Feng Shui for your home in 5 tips

I do not know if it has happened, but my mother discovered Feng Shui and decoration cambió.La our life always tells us not to be taken lightly and is very razón.Esta Eastern philosophical discipline which helps in the home life is harmonious and invites you to live fully.

aa4f1  yingyang

The Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics.The word Feng Shui means wind and water. For Feng Shui in life there are 2 energies , opposite and complementary at the same time: The yin and yang . Yes, the same circle we’;ve seen in old kung fu movies.

These 2 forces work with 5 Essentials the earth, water, wood, metal and fire. The idea is that the dosage of these materials, in different parts of your house, able to create harmony in your home. That’;s right: not only have the materials, but to respect certain rules regarding the décor.

aa4f1  elementos 300x170

I’;ll give you 5 important tips for you to take them into account when redecorating or give you a change to your home decor. You can go to do so gradually, but do not expect changes overnight. Everything is a process, the more you take on techniques of Feng Shui, you will see more results.

For example, a super intimate place where we spent a lot of time, it is our bedroom . In this case the position of thebed is essential. The head should be against the wall farthest from the door, but not straight ubiques this. Eye: prefereible that there is nothing hanging over the bed. Get those bookcases or shelves above and also avoid you from falling over.

a38f6  dormitorio 300x150
a38f6  dormitorio1 300x191

Another interesting place in the house is the kitchen , but do not cook because you must feed. Let me tell you that colors greatly influence the atmosphere of the house, since it is where the water and fire coexist. We therefore must use red sparingly, like blue. You can use natural colors tierrosos : a good alternative would be cheerful always.

bba40  cocina1 288x300
bba40  cocina2 300x255

The room is the meeting place , but not enough to have furniture in it to fulfill that function. The location of these is vital for good communication. The slogan is that the seatstogether form 90 degree angles . This way your guests and members can be seen dle home and start a conversation very entertaining.

dcd54  sala 300x225
dcd54  sala1 300x200

Our room should be devoted entirely to food. It is much better if the chairs are supported by walls without windows, but otherwise you can use curtains to cover, at least during meals. When you’;re eating should never exceed 2 empty seats. And if you want to determine hierarchies give to that special place at the head of the table farthest from the door.

dcd54  comedor 300x283
d4512  comedor2 300x280

I need to mention one basic environment of the house or apartment: the bathroom . Nobody can live without this environment sometimes so modestly enhanced, but indispensable for all.

The bathroom is considered as purification and relaxation area, so it has to be of an average size large or small. All locks should work properly, and you will feel not only safe but any visit you have. A small window that the outside is highly recommended.

d4512  baC3B1o 300x300
d4512  baC3B1o1 300x224

The study and application of Feng Shui are immense, but I wanted to give just 5 basic tips for each room of the house.I invite you to investigate much more of this Chinese tradition, which, let me tell you, is pure magic . Look at it as a way to learn something new and you can include in your life positively.

Feng Shui for your home in 5 tips


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