Sofas: the latest trends for a modern room

Who does not like watching TV accommodated in that chair leather lined room? Or who ever saw in a magazine not the sofa dreaming ?, with the ideal material, the perfect color and attractive enough to go running to the store and buy it.

The sofa, best ally for our visitors and make them feel comfortable has undergone many changes over the years.While some houses can still see the old and heavy carved wooden chairs , more and more households are added to the new decorating trends and make your room a more modern.

f6db8  sofa collage

Sofas: color trends 2011

The decor is also based on fashion , proving that if, for example, gray is being widely used in garments, also used in the decoration of the room. The 2011 is the perfect year to the colors dark, imposing gray, black and as its counterpart the white (which will match with other colors)

The purple or violet is another good option, but it may be limiting, will definitely give that youthful and attractive home.

Another proposal is quite modern color block, combining colorful furniture orange, green, red or turquoise with carpets and accessorizing the room. The use of gray is quite common with this kind of sofa and the truth is that it looks amazing.

f6db8  sofa moderno

Black color: one of the trends 2011

Patterns : there are a variety of designs that can be used to decorate the house, the most important of this season are:

  • Tables: perfect for a modern, elegant and original. If you love to decorate with square-shaped objects, this type of furniture is a very good choice.
  • Stripes: elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a young home perfect for combining with whole colored cushions. If you want to liven up your space with stripes have a choice.
  • Flowers : recommended for young households, perfect for a single or shared apartment with a friend.The room will look pretty good if you get a little of his trademark.

34ba2  sofa flores

Flowers sofas

  • The tribal prints: one of my favorites, definitely look elegant, sophisticated and modern. They complement well with cushions and paintings (pictures) with similar designs.

34ba2  tribal

Sofa with tribal prints

Acts to rest

The sofa bed still in his prime despite the weather. If you have a small apartment , with one or 2 rooms, the best is a sofa bed.

This same trend can be added sofas sliding seats with reclining back and puffs that can be used as a footrest or seat.

a4552  sofa cama

Sofa bed: ideal for small apartments

Functional sofas and magazine puff

One of the most popular designs of recent years corresponds to a current American, the name of this trend is Chaise Longue which is a long sofa, which has a long extension also seems a chair. In television sets are widely used, are practical and quite stylish.

a4552  sofa chaise longue

Style sofa Chaise Longue

Even before had told the utilitarian concept is quite strong.The sofas are no exception and that’;s why the furniture industry has designed several models appropriate for thatheavy and static furniture from home to become the perfect ally rest cleaning and sophisticated .

Shapes, designs and more

The forms are very important, the trend in recent years is closely related to minimalism, which predominate perfectly geometric figures and simplicity. Combined with other pure colors without going beyond the simple.

Models predominate square and straight , before the round finishes. It makes great use of accessories that give better definition to the style, whether the puff designed with the same fabric or those who bring a foot rest, the same design and material as the furniture.

In the picture below I leave you can see the detail of the foot rests, which appears in the background on the left hand monitor.

3622f  resposa pie sofa

Furniture with foot rests, another trend 2014

Decorating your home does not have to be boring, stressful or complicated. The most important thing to get a space for you is not just seek advice from experts and luck and that your room remains as pretty as you want!

Sofas: the latest trends for a modern room


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