The perfect color for bathroom

Choosing the color of your bathroom is more than a fashion or style has to do directly with your tastes and preferences. This year they have become very fashionable super warm colors, like orange terracotta or red range.But eventually you have to choose you.

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Just as it is important when you choose the color of your bedroom, because it is a very personal space, at least I think so, the bathroom should give you a sense of relaxation and comfort . If you have trouble deciding on the color, can be inspired by an accessory or a towel you’;ve seen while you were shopping and got your attention.

If you prefer the traditional …

In particular, in the past decades, it was common to enter a bathroom and all the furniture along the walls and majolica were immaculately white . This gave a sense of total cleanliness and freshness. However, today many people associate it rather with a hospital environment and therefore lost popularity.

Now, talking to Karina Gamarra, interior designer, told us that this trend is coming back, especially for those who prefer a minimalistic environment . If you have decided to be white, you have many options through accessories in another color (shower curtain, dispenser, soap dish, mirror, towels …) that will give greater life.

39c66  bano blanco

The other option are quite classic blue colors on walls and furniture for their relationship with water and sky, joined its relaxing effect. Celestial, near the green turquoise or dark blue so far are still the favorite colors for this environment in which one seeks to relax with a long shower or a bubble bath.

The blue color conveys harmony, balance, peace and therefore even the tendency Feng Shui is the favorite shade . I opted for the blue in my bedroom, because it relaxes me a lot.

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The range of colors

Your bath not necessarily have to be monochromatic, that is a single tone. It has also become very popular to use2-tone or hue combined full color, from deep tone until smooth. Karina Gamarra says that you can choose different colors, “ but that is not a rainbow, but are colored the same range . ”

A combination that became widely used and never goes out of style is the type chess: white with black . This style is both sober and elegant at the same time.

No need to change the floor if they want, but to incorporate certain elements in black, like the toilet seat, a table, mirror frame, shelves or a rug on the floor pictures.This particular style I love, so that’;s the one I have chosen in my bathroom.

a72bb  bano ajedrez

Please note that the color white is easier to combine, but not the only option. You can also try 2 colors that complement each other as green and blue, brown and orange or gray and pink.

The fire colors such as red, yellow and orange , are the ones who are taking this year palms. You may think you are extremely bright colors to any other place in the house, however, work quite well in the bathroom. If it still scares you a bit, you can use to complement a more neutral color like a beige or white.

For example, one option is to paint the walls white and include orange accessories or paint only 2 white walls and 2 orange. Do not forget that beyond what is fashionable, it is important that you apply your own taste.

7756a  banoanaranjado

Mirrors to decorate and show off!

Another strong element in the trend for this year bathrooms are the mirrors , in addition to its utilitarian use have become important to have a decorative role. You will not have limits on them: square, round, sinuous forms.

This year the vintage style are getting a lot of attention but in general also depend on your taste. breaks up the monotony? For example, if you share the bathroom with your partner, you can use a different mirror to each according to his personality.

7756a  bano espejos

f8a16  bano espejos1

0779e  bano espejo2

How to manage the color according to the space?

With respect to the size of your bathroom, you also have to keep in mind that colors may help. If you choose a light color will give you light and openness, keep that in mind especially if the window is very small. A good trick, for example, is that if the ceiling is low, use a light color on it to create greater h7

0779e  bano pequeno

Do not worry if you want to paint at least one wall a color a little darker, not greatly reduce the proportion . Another good trick are the mirrors! From a size medium or large, will serve to open up the space.

0779e  bano espejogrande

Now if you have a larger environment and want to make it more welcoming uses slightly darker colors . In these cases we recommend eg woody tones in real estate.

dc299  bano maderaoscura

Accessories for your bathroom!

If you want to change the style of your bathroom, do not necessarily have to paint the walls. The bathroom fixtures can complement perfectly the color and with it, the feeling you want to generate.

In this sense, you do need to use all your imagination. Take a walk through department stores or those specializing in decoration. Karina, our expert interior designer, agrees that”the accessories do not depend on the color of the walls depends on the touch that they want to give to the environment” .

  • If your style is totally free and you like to break with tradition can opt for a set of accessories like this:

dc299  bano accesorios

  • If you’;re a mom , maybe you want to encourage your children to bath time becomes a fun time.

a9906  bano accesoriosninos

  • If you love the natural wave , you may prefer a bamboo accessories.

a9906  bano accesorios bambu

Just as these, will surprise all the elements that exist in the market so that you can give another side to the coin, but do not overdo it! Search the essentials, remember that designers always say ”less is more” , especially when it comes to small spaces. If cram the place of elements, it is likely that you reduce visible space.

Among the decorative objects you can find to match colors are the bathroom floors, shower curtains or bath and soap dispensers, paper mills, towel racks, mirrors, organizers and more. As you can see, you have many options!

The perfect color for bathroom


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