Curtains for living: how to choose, designs, colors and trends

One of the most important accessories of your house arethe curtains . And having so many models on the market is difficult to know what to choose, so you’;ll find everything you need to know to choose the right shade for your roomas well as the latest trends in designs and colors.

a62b6  mujer cortina destacada

For me the curtains always been something like the tabs on the house . When I looked at one from afar, hallucinating that the windows were his eyes and lashes that beautiful decorative element that gave life and enhancement. Today, I think I was not as far in my imagination.

The curtains are an accessory that can literally change the face of your house. Imagine for example of those classic curtains with lace, will give it a very elegant to your room, on the contrary, the modern style, with prints, gives it a looser and more practical.

And this without mentioning that these shades can diffuse light, reduce the heat and give it a more welcoming your space.

Because we market thousands of options, here we provide some guidelines to make your room have those indicated.

The style

cb43d  cortinas3

First of all, you have to take proper account of the style of your room , general size, size and shape of the windows.Also the color of the furniture and walls, as the curtain must complement and match with them.

I recommend that you take a look at the note I wrote on the wall colors for living, guide you toward even better on this subject.

cb43d  cortinas2

For example, if your room is small and the windows also not going to put a shade pompous, lace and lined sunshade, but we have to opt for a more discreet curtain of one tab and whose design will Continuity the style of the room.

Types of curtain

Once you define what type of room you have, it’;s time to choose your shade. Exist numerous types on the market, some of which step you enlist and are part of the latest trends:

  • Classic : the fabric, cotton, flax tulle or are collected by the upper folds and fall to the ground or to the end of the window. The curtain is the part of it that is made ​​of thinner fabric, you will pass the sun’;s rays and light, the fall will be the one sen handle cover, and which, in the rooms takes collection and tied to the sides with ties. These are my favorite and I have at home, gives an elegant and stately.

878b6  cortinas clasicas

This classic curtain another model I love : diffuses light and gives much life to the room. Note that does not have that curtain at the top, as the photo above, but its fall is perfect.

878b6  cortinas clasicas2

  • Venetian : I know as blinds. Sheets are arranged horizontally and the sides together by ropes. Pulling the strings can scale the input light, and looks much more modern. Some are decorated or simple metal, which is mostly seen that, although there are also wood and PVC (a type of plastic).

And although its colors are usually neutral, notice how is this interesting mix of red and blue , 2 colors, which do not do anything wrong in this room.

b2d70  cortina veneciana

  • Roller : is a cloth wrapped in a top bar, which is wound or unwound manually or by remote control, the screen roller to control the entry of light, usually difuminándola, the roller blackout completely eliminates light penetration, although this latter is more suitable, for example, conference room, cinema projection, etc..

b2d70  cortina roller

  • Blinds : This type of curtain is ideal for small spaces such as the roller. A fabric extends along the entire window covering and is collected in folds by pulling the ropes. Some are printed, which can give prominence to a room without many decorations or accessories, but for my taste, it would be better, the uniform color.

b2d70  estores

  • Japanese Panel is a type of blind that is widely popular and consists of one or more panels that move horizontally and overlap to pull the strings. Its length is from the window to the floor, fully integrated with the walls and the rest of the room.These panels are super with a great drawing as well design and light fade.

I love the discreet stamped panel on this model, which matches perfectly with the rest of the room.

bad30  panel japones2


The curtains have a multitude of colors and you want to choose should blend with the walls. A neutral color like white and its derivatives is almost everything, but obviously not put pink curtains if your walls are green, unless you want to experience the limit.

However, look at these multicolored , which go very well in a room in which these colors are interspersed, without saturating.

5fb31  cortinas rayas

Look closely if you decide to buy curtains with prints and drawings, if you have colored carpets or ornaments recharged at home. Remember that you must merge. Lest your room is to be overloaded. For example, in this other model, I think it combines perfectly with the walls, wooden floor and the rest of the accessories .

e8716  cortinas1


Curtains for living: how to choose, designs, colors and trends


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