Garden design for your house

Garden design? ? For many people this term can be rare and even new, but the fact is that in the U.S. and Europe there is a fashion to adorn the gardens , especially in schools, institutions and, if they have money, also some houses (not counting millionaires and movie stars).

87a09  diseno jardines

The first time I heard the term garden design was at the movies. He had gone to see the comedy 17 Again with some friends and the protagonist (Scarlet) mentioned that he would dedicate himself to it. Then I became interested in knowing a little more about this gardening related art.

Gardens of antiquity

We might think that landscaping is a new art or reduced only to a circle of people, but although it has some truth, its origin is very old . The earliest place to the Egyptiansas the creators of the first orchards on earth, with about 5 000 years BC old.

7435f  jardines egipto

They took advantage of the floods regular Nile River to irrigate the banks for the areas where they grew. They useda system of channels to always keep fresh the garden with various types of flowers and plants . They say the main inspirations Pharaoh landscapers were inspired by the desert oasis to create a pleasing garden.

By 600 BC, in Babylon are the Hanging Gardens , a marvel of engineering and design that was built for the wife of King Nebuchadnezzar II, who came from Persia and missed its green valleys.

7435f  jardines colgantes

Over time, this art was reserving for elite people and kings who adorned their large gardens, and today, people with lots of money are the ones responsible sumptuous arrangements for its gardens.

Gardens today

There are now companies at an affordable price , are responsible for designing your garden according to your taste and style, so you can relax and have a good time on it. However, although these are plants and their location in the environment, garden design is more complex. For sample, just look at some models .

In this case, the concept aims to create small intimate spaces that recall the peace and privacy of natural forests.Here we combine stones, stone tiles and polished natural wood. We have included a small lake with bushes and plants around, without missing wildflowers and some ears, and to maintain harmony, combined with a set of steel deck. What do you think?

c8a3f  jardin01

If you have large areas , can afford to create you paths, place small sized trees and giant vases pots mode. In this case we have combined red flowers, and pink with green grass and trees.

c8a3f  jardin02

For people who have to deal with work stress very strong characteristic of his work, the ideal is to build a garden whose elements constantly relax you. One such element is water, which fall sound soothes the senses , and if you add to that the fragrance of fresh flowers and plants, the effect is faster. This layout is enabled, and the fall of water, a wood road crossing over the water and continues for the rest of the garden.

f759d  jardin03

Any space can have a new look, more attractive and exotic . For example, if your house is on the outskirts of the city and has enough space, you can create a mini forest lake included as in this picture.

In this case there has been a natural way to the lake, embellishing it with stones eroded , giving it the look exótico.Los shrubs and trees have been chosen according to space, water quantity and the type of climate.

67705  jardin04

Some families, especially those of foreign origin as oriental inspired designs often ask their roots. In this case is that of a Japanese garden for which we have used, plants, shrubs and flowers Japanese, which have been complemented by an artificial lake, bridge stones and wooden floor.

67705  jardin05

Finally, in some beach house or field, are often built the pool for family enjoyment, while the side the grill areaand an environment free of sunshine but cool to allow them to enjoy the day. Here a sample of a wooden pergola with provision for kitchen or grill and to the dining room. All around the pool to better enhance distribution.

8da29  jardin06

Some Tips

According to the English designer Chris Beardshaw ,  ”to get the garden of your dreams you must think of him as paradise. For this, includes only those elements that you would like to spend eternity “ .

For Andy Sturgeon , another designer, if you’;re creating your own, ”do not worry or reload each space with plants that find” , as they often tend to do so for lack of patience.

Mary Reynolds , another renowned British designer, we recommend creating a landscape that is simple, and can be integrated to nature. ”To do this, you must draw a landscape in your garden. It is also essential that you bring and put elements that evoke places to enliven “ .

8da29  jardin07

Tips for designing

If caught your attention this article and want to start designing your new garden yourself, I leave you some basic guidelines to start your creation.

  • Choose the areas that you want in your garden. For example, space for flowers, grass, trees or accessories as sources.
  • Find what types of plants you have in your garden and what elements add as lamps, benches, cabanas, umbrellas. etc.
  • Analyzes how much money you want to spend and how much money you can invest once a year to keep it always beautiful.
  • Another basic element is the style you want to giveyour garden; may be of classical formal Mediterranean garden, tropical style garden, garden Arabic, Japanese garden, etc..
  • In addition, we must take into account the type of soil , climate and micro climate of the area, and the natural environment because the more they pervades with the external environment, the better.

However, you can always have the guidance of specialists who will help you assess which proposals ideal for you.Ready to start decorating your garden? What do you think?

Garden design for your house


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