Original sofas for modern houses

You have your own home and you can decorate it as you fancy . You do not live with your parents you have a decorating style different from yours. If you’;re just starting to look for items for your new space or, if you’;re considering making some changes, because this is an article you might be interested.

I think that a single element can totally transform your stay , you may not have the budget or space to place the furniture set you saw in the store, then you can find a sofa, ottoman or a coffee table that will change your room .

Researching on the Internet, I found several amazing designs chairs, some you can do yourself reusing things in your home and other you can find in any store or ask your carpenter to help you build. Anyway, a new design canturn your living room into a more modern and more personal, because you will choose a cabinet that fully reflects your personality.

89329  sillon libros

For example, if you are the recyclers and you like vintage wave , you can build your own furniture made ​​with old books and magazines. I think it is great to put it to one side of the room or a game room or TV. You’;d just collect several old books and build a solid structure to support them.

89329  sillon cd

Another idea is the create recyclable furniture made ​​based on CDs . It’;s a very clever way to use these elements and bring life to a space. The entire base is made ​​of disks.In addition to the structure, you will get a pillow or cushion to cover at least part of the seat and it does not look very comfortable, but hey, the idea is that you look more comfortable sitting there did I not.

8c25a  sofa cojines

sofa made ​​of cushions : a comfortable option and you can see funny or elegant depending on the type of material you use. If you use pads of the same color will be more formal, like white photography. A more relaxed style and even vintage, is the colorful cushions. In the end, the style you give depends on the material, color and shape of the pads you choose and the order that you go to give the couch. I think a great idea, one more to my list of must do .

8c25a  sofa2 cojines

If you love the Volkswagen Beetle, like me, you’;ll love this chair. It has built a seat at the front of this funny car , and have kept the tires and headlights. Really great, you could try, if you have a car you are about to discard.

8c25a  sofa escarabajo

And if you are more traditional and prefer to purchase a piece of furniture designed and which stores definitely find some very nice decoration, you will not lose if you go for a chair shaped like a hand , with some funny pose as the photo, or shaped sofa kiss, super fun!

24d5f  sofa mano
24d5f  sofa labios rojo

As you see, there are several options to give new life to your space. Which of these designs was your favorite?goes with what your style? Can you think of any other ideas to create innovative furniture? Tell us.

Original sofas for modern houses


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