Tips to enlarge a space with lighting

It is a fact that today large and spacious houses are disappearing to make way for housing developments filled huge buildings which, interestingly, are composed ofincreasingly smaller departments . At least, that is the trend that is taking place here in Lima.

Anyway, if you’;re reading this article, is because you live in a small apartment, maybe your first or maiden depa love nest with your new husband. Looking it look much bigger than it is? There is so difficult. There are thousands oftricks and ideas to expand spaces that have to do with the colors, the furniture, the floor, etc..

55633  iluminacion

This time we focus on the wonders it can do good lighting in your home . Only a matter of following these tips and apply that suits you in your apartment. Eg

Aprovéchalas the fullest! There is no better resource than the natural light to expand a room. Try not to cover them with thick curtains or drapes. Replace them with blinds or curtains, and heavy curtains that absorb much of the light so they do at their best. In addition, half-open blinds give a romantic touch to lighting.

55633  persiana

Definitely, to generate a sense of space, both the walls and the ceiling should be painted in light colors and cold , like white, blue, gray or cream. This will allow the light to be reflected throughout the room.

One trick is great for larger spaces using mirrors. Reflect the fact that one side of the wall, it will seem that the space extends. The ideal is to place a large mirror that covers almost all the wall , if possible, off the main bedroom window.

b046b  espejo2
da819  espejo sala

This is an alternative if you are thinking about remodeling a space, and you’;d have to sacrifice a piece of wall, or, if you are looking for a way to divide a space more easily.The cubes of glass or crystal glass block allow the passage of light indirectly . You can use them as stairs design or skylight in the ceiling or high on a wall of the yard.

You differentiate the use of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The light that gives each one is different, the incandescent will give you a warm light while fluorescent, a cold, they will help you enlarge your space if your walls are too cool tones. Another recommendation is that you avoid lights focused, concentrating attention on a single point.

Better, use high beams leaving the ceiling or raised portions of the walls. You can place rails halogen lamps that can lead to different focal points and create movement and dinamiso in space.

da819  focos techo
da819  iluminacion techo

Under the provision of your department, or expand the room you think you can apply some of these tips. For now, tell us how is the lighting in your house and how do you do to enlarge your space .

Tips to enlarge a space with lighting


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