Add a touch of nature to your bedroom

In the difficult task of finding the best decoracón to our room, which, undoubtedly, is the most important space in our house,
we find thousands and thousands of options to incorporate and just do not know what to choose and quñe rule … We want it all! But do not despair, take a deep breath and remember that your bedroom should reflect your personality to make you feel totally at ease in it, that is the basic principle for what is and what is not in your room.

If you’;re determined to renew the atmosphere of your room and you do not have much time or budget, there is an easy way to give a total turn adding some nice details.Whether you decide on Feng Shui, by minimalism, so Baroque or any other style, it is always necessary to include some nature in the bedroom.

One of my favorite decorations to cool a closed and boring, it is the natural style that is not only fresh, but that gives life and changes the environment almost as if by magic, using just a few key elements. Also, there is so much variety that easily will find a suitable option for your needs and space.

When we give hints of nature into a space, not enough just to add plants everywhere. Apart from ornamental flowers, there are other ways to create a more in tune with nature.

One of the easiest and simplest is to add plants to the room. These not only give you a nice green color andmore oxygen into space , but that will complete those gaps, so it is ideal for large rooms .

In this picture we see vases on bedside tables , some plants in front of windows and the side of the TV furniture.As this room has a lot of input light, plants are favored and will remain evergreen. As only recommendation I say you should water them periodically and pruned to prevent not grow too much.

a9b85  decoracion01

In addition to green plants, can also accompany flowers.For example, in a room completely white, colorful flowers are the perfect touch to the decor, while in a room with other colors, the flowers should be combined with these.

Another alternative for those who do not have time to care for plants (and because they are always traveling or because they know they neglected to plants) is to place agiant mural of plants (like a giant). These may be of a green leafy garden, one of flowers or a field.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable with that view and that it match the colors of your room to avoid further changes, you can supplement with vases and will be more than cute, like in the picture.

a9b85  decoracion02

This option is for small rooms , such city in which we have only space for the bed, the wardrobe and hardly the desktop. You can place as designed in the window near your bed or next to the desk.

In my opinion this option is ideal for rooms of childrenbecause it gives life and not have to take responsibility for caring for the wall or plants. If you like you can find this option on the website of Dino Direct , the trouble is sold in England and euros, but they send it to everyone, so you can check prices.

81800  decoracion03

If you like accessories, decorative planters are an excellent choice, as these in different colors where you can find apartment ideal for small plants.

You can place them on the nightstand, on the desktop, in the window of the room or bathroom, the only care you need to keep them is to choose the appropriate seedlingto the intensity of light and proper watering.

81800  decoracion04

Another alternative is to paint the wall to a certain height and fill the atmosphere with flowers, leaves and branches drawn that give life to the environment without adding too much or plants. A beautiful example is in this design which leaves the wall colors include purple and gold.

6c1f1  decoracion05

The last option is to change your sheets and comfortersfor others with a design of birds, branches, leaves or flowers, ie anything that can add life to the environment. I would recommend this trick for kids rooms, are ideal for those who can not make changes in space.

6c1f1  decoracion06

In my case, I changed the color and design of my sheets and comforters and adhered some drawings to my window to give life, as my room is too small and will not let me add anything. In the end, it was very cute . And you, by which you are motivated to renew your room?

Add a touch of nature to your bedroom


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