How to decorate the laundry room?

When you are thinking of decorating your home, the less you think about is how to decorate the laundry or laundry room of your house or apartment, and is most often thought to be like one of the rooms or environments less crowded, as or greater required to have luxury or decoration.

401cf  lavaderia4

Decorating the Laundry


However, the truth is that today in some departments, the laundry is integrated into the kitchen, or any other nook or department space. Why not, let’;s drop it, that’;s why I’;m going to give you some tips so that space is not less important than others, have their own personality and their own style. then, here we propose to think of the laundry as any other room in your home, without turning it into the warehouse where destine everything in the other rooms, you do not know where to put.

Always light colors

As I said above, usually laundries are located in areas that are not very large. For this reason, I recommend you to paint this environment light color schemes so that you supersize and give that feeling of cleanliness and freshness that we both felt like our own clothes.

401cf  lavanderC3ADa41

Kitchen decorated with light colors


Another option with which you can play to decorate your laundry is placed over a light color pattern, so that gives a touch of color and joy to this forgotten room in the house.

04f0c  laundry room design

Laundry decorated with prints


Place shelves or opt for a cabinet

For you to have an order in this environment, you need to help you rack, so you can have a place to organize all the elements in a laundry room are needed. This is necessary to not have it all scattered. In addition, placing shelves or a cupboard with doors, you will give a place to all the objects that you had and prevendrás there disorganization . You can even “hide” so unsightly trash washing machine or the laundry. Without doubt, the most practical is to prevent clutter visible!

04f0c  lavaderia1

Laundry with cupboards


Use baskets, jars or boxes organizers

Using these elements will not only be decorating your laundry, but also can better classify smaller objects .Who has not been on more than one occasion without enough hooks for hanging clothes? Place them in a jar all together is an excellent alternative.

5d462  lavabderia2

Laundry baskets decorated with bottles and


Give a personalized touch

If you want to give a personal touch or that this environment is full of color and has a fun decor, why not choose this option in which flood every nook and colors add a touch of fun and modern to this environment.

5d462  lavaderia3

Laundry fun and modern


Still, is you think your space is too small for decorating think ? With these options you can solve your problem, just a matter of qe decide what style you want to use to decorate your home laundry.

How to decorate the laundry room?


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