Cheap decorations for the Christmas tree

Within very little the holidays begin to flood the streets and homes, leading to its characteristic decoration, which can not miss Bethlehem adorns homes and our beloved treeChristmas .

However, in these times we can not decorate our homes as before, buying all kinds of Christmas without thinking of the implications these expenses in the current account.Conversely, in times of crisis, we must sharpen your wits and go to cheaper ornaments. Think you can not get them?Here we show how it is!

Recycled Ornaments

An excellent way to save on the Christmas tree decoration is to create the decorations yourself. You only need a bit ofpatience and imagination to update the decorations and give a fresh look at the Christmas decorations. So, you can use dried leaves giving a little paint in silver or gold, natural pine cones and nuts painted the Christmas colors, make cardboard stars, gift packages from match boxes, bows of color and size you prefer …

d40fa  Adornos arbol baratos1

Cheap decoration shops

Of course, you can always resort to decorating shops low cost to do your Christmas shopping. At IKEA , for example, you get a set of balls like you see in the picture, composed of 50 balls, available in different colors, for only 9, 99 euros, or a pack of 36 pieces in assorted colors hanging ornaments for 14.99 euros (you can see in the first picture), among other proposals.

d40fa  Adornos arbol baratos2   In other decor store where you can find great prices on Christmas decorations AKÍ is where many of the parts cost less than one euro. Also do not forget to take a look at the proposals of Leroy Merlin , Zara Home, Conforama, among other stores, in addition to neighborhood shops, in which ornaments sure to find beautiful and very economical.

Cheap decorations for the Christmas tree


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