Ideal lighting in the kitchen

Do you know which room is the heart of the house ?Some may say that his room other than the room, but the truth is that we all spent more time sitting comfortably inthe kitchen , where breakfast and dinner usually almost daily. Why almost daily? Because most of us work and lunch out, but dinner always go home.

In this space we often tell us how we did, sharing our secrets, agree to leave or arrange a family outing or just playing together at home, either a monopoly, a memory card or a poker game .

As the most important area of the house, we can not leave abandoned because often our friends and family to enter it and should always give a good impression.Therefore I will give some guidelines how you can improve the lighting in your kitchen to give it that touch of personality and warmth that every home should have.

Tips and recommendations

  • A general recommendation we give decor expertsreview all the lighting in the house, that is, to see the kind of light in every room, so that from there we can make the necessary changes.
  • The main source of light in the room should come from the main focus coming from the roof , which should reach every corner of the kitchen after this and come-ons of light in specific corners.
  • Usually feature kitchens with cupboards and drawers, a fitted kitchen, a refrigerator and a dining set aside, where the family gathers to share breakfast, lunch (weekends) and dinner. One way to give personality to the furn to is placing light lamps suitable for every room and corner.
  • An example is light between upper cabinets and kitchen cabinets (where you put the blender, rice cooker and kitchen ladles), in many small kitchens as department, this part is used for chopping vegetables and finish preparing food.
  • Therefore it is important that there is enough light to perform this work in comfort, to provide you with this job , you can install some light fixtures and recessed lighting to the naked eye does not see, but when you do much work and make you look elegant and tidy your kitchen.
  • Another area to be illuminated is the breakfast area(where we spent more time sitting in the kitchen), here we place warm lamps hanging type that enhance the area with incidental light.
  • The recommended distance between the table and the lamp should be not less than about 60 cm. so that the brightness does not bother the guests feel very hot or the environment. If your cabinets are stained, you can enlighten them so that the dishes inside look striking and elegant.

Then I leave some examples of how to light your kitchen with style and following the tips above:

For a modern kitchen .

20707  iluminacion cocina

The kitchenettes gain more space with light colors to lamps.

ae705  iluminacion cocina02

With a lamp gives more warmth to the breakfast areaand appliances more presence.

ae705  iluminacion cocina03

As in the previous proposal, but adapted to a large kitchen and sophisticated.

1e6b9  iluminacion cocina04


Ideal lighting in the kitchen


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