Original, easy ways to decorate with flowers

Decorating with flowers is an easy, inexpensive and original, because if you use your imagination, you can have unique compositions and arrangements that give personality to the spot you choose to place them .

To help inspire and create beautiful floral arrangements with branches that you can buy at the supermarket or flowers in your garden, in Decora Ilumina we selected these useful ideas

  • Grouping bottles, glasses or small vases, place one or 2 flowers in each and group, is a current trend in regards to decorating with flowers. To do this, you can use some colorful glasses you have at home or bottles of vintage style , and as in the picture, placing sizes form a composition . A coffee table, for example, can be the perfect place to locate this original ornament. To make them last longer you count the vertical stem and absorb more water and flowers are kept fresh.

63447  arreglos1

  • The wild flowers you can find in the field are also very useful, but you can also find them in florists.Once you have chosen the plants you want to use, cut the base of the stems several times vertically with pruning shears and give them to absorb water. First place the branches shorter and thicker on the sides of the container, followed by the taller stems in the center, turning the vase as you evenly distributing and balancing the r.amo will look from any angle. If you see the vase may lose balance, put stones in the background.

65e64  arreglos2

  • In regard to trends in colors, commitment to deep orange and red ; choose flowers like gerberas , daisies, dahlias and lilies, and mix them with other elements, such as fruit, for example, always in the same color gamut.

65e64  arreglos3

  • Reinvent your bouquets , get rid of all that excess (leaves, fern leaves, etc.), and think of the place and vase for flowers or small groups separately. Cut and clean the stems, and choose 2 or 3 different flowers and put them in a container. Note that the fewer flowers, the more elegant the outcome. Group the flowers and leaves that are similar in a container under. And the smaller ones that will not last many days can serve a makeshift table centerpiece (if you have a special lunch or dinner) if you put floating in small bowls with water.

9921b  arreglos4


Original, easy ways to decorate with flowers


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