Swedish modular home

91e0a  modulnyj dom 04

Its surface area is only 10 square meters. The architects of the project are positioning themselves almost revolutionary in the vision of a man of traditional housing. They claim that this tiny house is quite suitable for life, as equipped with everything necessary for modern man.


e3a51  modulnyj dom 01


All the furniture in the house, and built naturally multifunction. This allows you to save space – here, in general, is nothing new. In addition, the housing space is not only used in one plane, eg, sleeper located on the mezzanine, and there are stages used also as shelves. However, I would be so scary to climb.

e3a51  modulnyj dom 08


Also in the house has a kitchenette and a bathroom. All the furniture here has rounded corners and edges – is that it does not hurt to fight about it, that in such a small space wonder.


ae1d4  modulnyj dom 06


Form door and window openings repeated skewed-rounded shapes of furniture.


b2d49  modulnyj dom 07


Interior home pretty nezateyliv. Walls and furniture are the same color and texture of natural wood. This technique helps to create a relaxed and unobtrusive atmosphere without load space decorative techniques. Incidentally, such a house is also an environmentally friendly thanks to the use of wood as the basic material.


b2d49  modulnyj dom 02


While home-box, there is only one, but in 2014 the Swedish architects are planning to build a quarter of these modules, of which 22 are going to build more stuff.


b2d49  modulnyj dom 03


Of course, with your family or even a couple fit in a mini-housing is extremely difficult. He probably planned as student accommodation or a guest house in the suburban area. In addition, it is proposed to use as a small office or even a hotel room.


0657d  modulnyj dom 05



Swedish modular home


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