Tips for decorating a small apartment

If you think you live in a small apartment 10 to give up the comfort and quality of life were wrong. And is that as much as the lack of space does not allow you to carry out that idea in mind 10ías, sure you can get a good result with a little imagination.

just do not think to decorate floors with few square meters will be enough ingenuity. You will also need the help of some elements, such as light, furniture multifunctional or light colors. Here’;s how you decorate a small apartment.

Colors and lighting

One of the first things you should keep in mind when decorating a small apartment is the color of the walls. As you know, the best in spaces with few meters is to choose light colors that make the room look more great . Also strongly influenced by the lighting.

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Thus, the natural light will be a great ally, so it is advisable to place windows on windows that favor and opt for lightweight curtains that let through light rays. As for artificial lighting, light halogen screened more broadly and will illuminate the spaces where there is no natural light.On the other hand, keep in mind that some applets allow direct the light to where it interests you.

Style and furniture

For small apartments we recommend you opt for the styleminimalist or modern, as it requires little furniture. And speaking of furniture, you will have only the essential and always simple lines. In addition, we recommend you bet on multifunctional furniture or folding.

Maximize the space

Finally, you will maximize space opting, for example, beds of 1.35 instead of 1.50, for type mattress couch to keep things inside, light sconces instead of bedside lamps , shower rather than a bath …

Tips for decorating a small apartment


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