Extending tables for dining

89fea  Mesas extensibles comedor
You may already have begun to think about Christmas , that time that test the ability of housing. And during this time of year families gather and, unfortunately, in most homes the living room does not go far.Do they have homes today!

It is during Christmas when more we seek formulas to accommodate so many people and the solution is always in a good table extensible. But not only are perfect for these holiday weeks, but they are great to get out of the situations where many people gather at home for lunch or dinner and to stay as the kitchen.It is best that the market can find a wide variety of dining tables to choose from. We talk about all the options below.

Common extensible tables

First we want to talk about the dining tables extendable wings, the system traditional comprising incorporating one or two wings on each side with a clamping system that can be in many ways. There are also designs in which glide two halves and, thus, is to create a space in the central panel that allows a measurement variable.

89fea  Mesas extensibles comedor1

Book Tables opening

Among the most common extension tables are also book tables, widely used in kitchens. The main feature of these tables is that are narrower than usual and are designed to enable lean on a wall and win space in the room. A lead rail (metallic, usually) by moving laterally the workpiece and in which the board rests once opened.

More sophisticated extendable tables

The tempered glass tables are one of the best options for small eaters, as they are very light in sight.Nowadays feature modern opening systems that allow zoom in or out in seconds without effort.

89fea  Mesas extensibles comedor3


The extension tables are manufactured and sold in all sorts of materials : chipboard, polymers and melanins; woods, crystal, aluminum and glass, wrought iron and wood, wrought iron and glass …

Extending tables for dining


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