Tips for installing in a loft bedroom

The dormers represent the option of having an extra room at home, a place for the study , family entertainment, such as a guest bedroom or master bedroom.

From bucolic aspect, cozy and romantic , its shape can mean a disadvantage when it comes to choosing furniture and decorating style, but do not let the lack of meters or plant difficulty you from enjoying a cozy and with style.

Even the attic with low ceilings and uneven walls canbecome splendid bedrooms . To do this, the first thing to do is study space, light and decide which distribution and what furniture you take out a larger party.

  • For example, to capitalize on the slope of the roof , you can place the (or the) head of the bed in the lower elevations. If it is too small a space, you can paper the walls and ceiling with vertical stripe design, which visually ceiling will seem higher.

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  • You can also create different areas separated by partitions . If your attic is irregularly shaped, columns or setbacks advantage to locate them separations and mini-environments. As you can see in this picture, behind the bed has lifted a partition, which also serves as a headboard, and has created a small study area, used the natural light from the window and placing a small shelf in the corner bottom of the attic made ​​in DM or plasterboard and painted in the same color of the wall to be integrated into the architecture and visual than just take up space. And is that very difficult and uncomfortable to be the lower areas of the attic, always will benefit as storage space.

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  • In any bedroom is essential to have a closet . In an attic, the best way to make use of available space without recharging and using the least amount of meters, custom order it and place it in one of the higher walls, but always following the angle formed at the corners.

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  • In attics little light, make use of color to make light and spaciousness . In addition to decorating, hiring life light colors and has the ability to change the feeling of being in a space maybe too closed. he uses almost transparent tissue, which let in light and light furniture with little visual w7

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Tips for installing in a loft bedroom


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