Common mistakes when painting walls

bad67  Errores al pintar
Are the walls of your home need a good coat of paint? Well you have two options: either hire the services of a professional , you will surely achieve good results in your home, or you decide to paint yourself.

It is clear that in these times which option is best for us to paint ourselves to not spend more than absolutely necessary. However, we risk falling into some errors typical when painting the walls of the home. Then you talk about them to try to avoid them.

Do not clean

The first mistake you can make is to not clean the walls. Think that if you paint in this dirty walls will not notice until you’re done and can be more difficult to solve . Therefore, it is important to clean the walls before starting.

Lack of paint

Another common mistake is not having enough paint. Although you can buy more boats, the fact is that it is virtually impossible to achieve the same mixture , since more drops can make a big difference. So it is better to buy more paint than necessary.

bad67  Errores al pintar1


Impatience can lead to other errors. For example, know that a layer is not enough to paint and you have to wait for each one to dry before painting again. You have to let go several hours between coats.


On the other hand, you should try to protect the floor and other furniture if only to paint a small section.Use blankets, masking tape or trash bags. Remember painter tapes should quintar before the paint dries.You should also think about the details such as switch plates.

bad67  Errores al pintar2

Low quality materials

Finally, it is important to use quality brushes and rollers, because otherwise it can ruin your project. If you want to save in layers, using first one basis .

Common mistakes when painting walls


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