Contemporary carpets

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Are you thinking of buying a carpet and you have not decided? Wait till you see the catalog of rugscontemporary offers La Alpujarra, a company with nearly a century of tradition in which you can find many models completely handmade and designs to suit all tastes. A variety of pieces that you can incorporate into the decor of various rooms in your house and obtain a modern and welcoming environment.

Lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways … every room of your house can to feature one of these rugs created respecting the environment and caring for the worker. Here there is no room for cheap labor or child labor, nor used substances harmful to health. The materials used by this brand are environmentally friendly, and more than 95% of its products are biodegradable.


e8c45  Alfombras contemporC3A1neas 07   But respect for the environment and the quality of their products is not the only thing that gives La Alpujarra, as of little use if their designs were not attractive to the consumer. In this sense, the firm has a couple craft collections completely different: classical and contemporary rugs carpets. Today we will focus on the latter, which offer a design and colorful and delightful.

e8c45  Alfombras contemporC3A1neas 19
Checks, stripes, spirals, geometries and flowers are some of the topics you’ll find in this collection. Some with neutral tones and other colors look a very striking and defined. On the way, La Alpujarra offers carpet square, rectangular, round and pasilleras , so it will be very easy to find the perfect design that you were looking to give a special touch to the decor of your home.

Contemporary carpets


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