Who can resist the charm of the lyrics?

I do not know if you have grown up with Sesame Streethas something to do with the fascination that we produce the letters . Letters for decoration , all kinds ytamaño.Lyrics large, industrial style , romántcas of shabby chic , impossible materials like moss or simply washi tape on a bare wall. Letters that say nothing, or say much.

Words in English, French, Spanish or Moldovan .Nonbres own characters spelling or initials of the owners of the house. ”Bonjour”, “Love”, “Home”, “Hello”, “Life” … Indeed, we have grown up with Sesame Street characters or Sesame Street showing us the huge letters , in vacant lots, in windows, in the mouth of Triki The Cookie Monster.

71d51  letas k

Letters above the fireplace , on the bed, alone or in words or phrases, letters embroidered on silk, cotton, burlap or linen, silks, with buttons, metallic, bright wood. Do we say something the lyrics? Why this obsession with the letters? Hold our books, announce who he is home, we welcome or take leave of us.

71d51  letters
347bf  letras te

Recently, Minuet taught us how to make them ourselves , a bit of banter and board and our beloved characters are the protagonists of the decor.

67745  letras eat
67745  letra m

I do not know why but we will be fascinated by the letters, dazzle us, haunt us who can resist the charm of the lyrics?

Who can resist the charm of the lyrics?


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