Get inspired with ideas Drawer Reform Plan

The truth is that although I have not had any personal experience with them, I follow closely the evolution ofReform Plan in a while, I think since the discovery of a well structured article, written by architect Laura Nunez on his blog. Among the wide range of sites focused on finding professionals and manage construction and renovation budgets we have available, I think of the mostprofessional and especially one of the most friendly and close .

So aside from being able to consult the directory and request quotes or more elaborate Express, we have other tools at our disposal, simple, fun and easy to use.

73b26  salon plan reforma

For example, they teach us how we can make a freehand sketch without any complications and put at our disposal various calculators and a wide range of filters to refine your search and discriminate according to our desires.

However, one of the things I like is the box of ideas , full of images, perfect to inspire you in your reform and see what style and type of work performed by different professionals listed in the directory.

04b15  vestibulo plan reforma

Also in the drawer of ideas we can use different filters, by color, type of work, style, room or labels, among which are options such as kitchen counters, headboards or before and after, for when we want to limit our inspiration to very specific things .

04b15  teraza plan reforma

And the other thing that I like? Well, has the support of the Association of Interior Designers of Catalonia and the impact they make, at least on “paper” in the quality of the work, which for those who know close is truly a priority sector.

Besides large and small works Reform Plan can request a quote for other work, such as licenses, visas, energy performance certificates or certificates of occupancy. For my part I add it to the list of possible to see for the next reform of my house, which as I have other names such as Habitissimo or Your Handyman.

Get inspired with ideas Drawer Reform Plan


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