How to change bathtub to shower without works

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Have you ever noticed the advantages they have showers over the baths? About time! However, this may not be a good time to do work on your bathroom, whether for economic or other reasons. Fortunately, inInteriorismos always find solutions to all your problems related to the world of decoration.

So we have found the quickest solution to changing market bathtub shower without works and a pretty tight budget. In addition, it includes everything you need: shower, shower screen, taps and, of course, cover the bottom panels. It is Easy Shower of Grandform, the brand specialized in bathrooms SFA French manufacturer. Want to learn more about this fantastic news?

Fits any bathroom

If you have already decided to get rid of the tub, Easy Shower is the ideal solution. In addition, you’ll find a variety of combinations that may suit the aesthetics of your bathroom, to any extent and configuration and even the needs of the elderly or disabled.

dfd77  Easy Ducha1

Different Options

You’ll be able to opt for fixed or sliding screen for closing; mechanical mixer or thermostatic , high or low panels to cover the bottom, and finish or security design. Furthermore, the system is able to accommodate two or three spaces between walls and in that case, a right hand or left hand.

The Easy Shower Grandform overhead shower incorporates a 20 × 20 cm and the other hand, safety glass 6 mm thick for the funds and if you choose to finish up, also comes with anti-slip treated for the plate, a seat and a grab bar.

How covers the hot egg

And to fill the gap left by removing the tub, Grandform incorporates panels of glass, 82-207 cm high, opaque white, that leaving a clean install without having to work.

How to change bathtub to shower without works


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