Decorating vintage bedroom

Widely known by all, is the term “vintage”. With the same is defined for those objects or high quality accessories often seem certain age, but not necessarily antiques. The term covers a variety of objects, including cars, books, photographs, decorative ornaments, apparel and accessories, as well as other details. Inside the  decor vintage objects are used to provide elegance to any space.

Vintage is not the same as retro, because although it seems like not identical. What evokes the past with retro objects that can be present but inspired by another era.While vintage is something that corresponds to a certain period and things are slightly “old” without being and therefore are very expensive and elegant. This  vintage bedroom decoration,  that we present illustrates this decorative style.

af903  dormitorio vintage

The effect of this vintage-bedroom will have access to the color that identifies the style is the use of color with “nude” appearance and in this case, more vintage detail, metal bed already gives us a glimpse its age in appearance. The floral detail seen on the same slope of the roof and sunflower at the foot of the bed is a way to give a feminine touch to the room.

Sunflowers are repeated in the table on the headboard and fabric pads, and of course looks great vintage in an environment that looks elegant and cozy. So you can enjoy small details that become primarily a decorative style especially if you want to have a “themed” bedroom like this. Vintage is something that is easily accomplished, especially now that abound with decorative furniture stores to create environments in this style.

Decorating vintage bedroom


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