Green cuisine

Hello friends, in the space now I leave you with thiskitchen in green color as vibrant and striking. If you thought that green would not go into the kitchen, look how this space looks under a special color.

Not all of us dare to decorate our home with colors as strong as these, but the truth is that they are pretty good and you can put it in ANY WAY stay home.

Do not be afraid, just have to know how to combine ..because if you choose a very strong color, may be too saturated the atmosphere .

94d1d  cocina en color verde 544x340

Instead, if you want a color that coordinates well and turn some stridency of the protagonist color .. it will be great.

This time we go to a kitchen decorated in green, but green almost citrusy. The good thing is that it has lots of light, but this makes it look even stronger tiles and green furniture.

It is also true that is pretty good in that kitchen looks older, more natural light and also seems to have different shades.

you see white is the color ally, to match the great green choice. This last color you can see it distributed throughout the kitchen.

The tiles and cabinets are green, it is true that the upper cabinets are of a green apple.

But it contrasts with the top in a beautiful white and steel accessories.

On the other hand, the breakfast area consists of a table and chairs, is just a rather practical.

The white color table, is pretty good with the green chairs.In addition, to complete the carpet is a shade darker than all the green we see.

Finally the lighting, which is very important, you will find it on the breakfast table. A large green lampshades, do the rest ..

Green cuisine


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