Decoration of rooms: combining colors

Thanks to our readers for writing! Today we will try to give some ideas of decoration of rooms  for this dilemma: “… I want to add a room dark gray, but my room is colored coffee timber, and my walls are white, you can combine so or would have to change my room or better put another shade of room …?

The gray on the chairs is a good notion as to accessory color! Much less care required compared to a lighter color. No need to invest to change the table of the dining room to make your redecorating look cute, nor change the color of the walls. Always one of the best choices in terms of color of walls, is the selection of light, neutral colors, and then you combine that with all the changes you want to ask. Some ideas to help you combine these colors.

For example, in the first two pictures you can see gray armchairs with side and center tables in dark wood. It looks great! Same as in the following picture , you see the dining table in dark wood and everything combines perfect!

655bd  graylroom1

12656  graylroom2

How can you achieve an optimal combination? What you have to try is to give fluidity and continuity to the decor. Select a color for accents or you can take both the living and dining room. Look at this photograph,furniture gray, dark wood dining table, as he gave fluently? Selecting a contrasting color as an accent, in this case pink, and have dining chairs pink tone, and chair with pink accents in the room . The combination looks great!

88583  graylroom3

Another way to combine to give continuity to the decoration of rooms is set up chairs in brown color as you can see below, or to make it more economical, you can choose cushions accent having some coffee and so you combine with the dining room.

6f1c1  graylroom4

Other ideas of colors that look great with gray! Take an accessory in that color to the dining room and you will achieve a nice result. You can use accessories like a tray with flowers in one of the accent colors and will serve to provide continuity to the environments.


67cd7  graylroom5

Decoration of rooms: combining colors


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