Vintage cameras converted into lamps

I like vintage cameras and I like to recycle and reuse, giving new life to objects that had lost its function, and how could it be otherwise, I love this project recicladecoración thattransforms vintage cameras lamps and table lamps .

Children of Taiwanese design studio Ystudio have caught a few vintage cameras (Leicas, Tyraflex …) and have adapted to where there was a target before, now there is a bulb that illuminates our desk or our classroom.


bf878  lampara camaras vintage 2

77a1f  lampara camaras vintage 3

I really like the design of the different parts-no floor lamps, table, wall … – because they are thinking that created the lamps are the protagonists . And I love that combination of minimalism structure with vintage touch through the cameras.

77a1f  lampara camaras vintage 4
77a1f  lampara camaras vintage 5

Of all the designs, but my favorite is definitely the one that does not use a camera as a lamp, but an old flash bulb , because its original function was light, and light is what will continue after this slight change in lamps .

Vintage cameras converted into lamps


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