Cool DIY Ideas for furniture of euro pallets

You’;ve probably seen somewhere Furniture from Euro pallets. These wooden pallets are very easy to obtain and often they are only used for their original purpose. You can with little effort and a bit of creativity to build beautiful furniture and place them in your garden or even in your home. Such furniture pieces are so functional that you can actually make your whole apartment set just so.

It’;s really amazing how such a simple and often used only as an aid items perfect for building stylish and comfortable furniture suitable. The idea for this DIY furniture comes from the concept of sustainability, which is nowadays very timely and even very modern.

How about as a coffee table?

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten couchtisch aus drei teilen

The nice thing is that you can make the furniture from Euro pallets quite easily yourself. You need to be a designer or craftsmen to take on this challenge. We have prepared for you here a few useful photos and even sketches as an aid.

Do you also use your imagination! After the furniture is finished, you can stain or paint quietly in a color of your choice. Also add a soft padding and pillows. Thus, the furniture will be even more valuable for you from Euro pallets. Every time you watch this, you will feel proud. The time and work that stuck in there, you will delight in everyday life and increase your motivation yet.

for this original chair 3 Euro pallets will be quite sufficient

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten sessel

Spirited Red and side pockets

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten lesesessel mit roter polsterung

Even unpickled sees the seat from very elegant

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten sitzbank

How is it built?

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten planunung

Sophisticated chairs-design

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten schicke holzliege

In natural look by the pool

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten liege am pool

So the timber deck is made

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten skizze

Shelves in different sizes and shapes

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten schlichtes regal

Dining table from Euro pallets for a nice meeting

29065  m%C3%B6bel aus europaletten gro%C3%9Fz%C3%BCgiger esstisch

And what will be your first DIY furniture? If you have opted for the bench or the sun? You might have a very different idea. It is important that you fully understand the functionality and usefulness of this original furniture from Euro pallets.

Cool DIY Ideas for furniture of euro pallets


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