Natural Touches in Zone Entry

This entrance area is dressed with simplicity and beauty of nature, which is achieved by incorporating decorative objects and furniture that stand out for their rustic finishes. An ideal for printing an air of warmth to the decor of this space a home together.

It is a concept that shows how you can add character and personality to a home environment that sometimes goes unnoticed. This way you can stand out and become a functional interior, just integrating a few elements but well chosen. A bench made ​​of wood that can be recovered, is the original bet and a bohemian feel , plus the kick gives it one simple branch as a coat rack was located in a corner of the room. Both pieces in their natural colors, plus a rustic surface, allow to compose a charming and friendly atmosphere in a lobby of any contemporary home .

4eecd  muebles rusticos decorar recibidor

rustic furniture to decorate the hall

Natural Touches in Zone Entry


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