Coastal house in bright colors

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on how to furnish your coastal house , there will definitely find them. Introducing lovely home located on the beach. Everything in this house “scream” comfort, refinement and style. This is the home in which you spent the summers and even holiday at any time of year with your family. The facade looks traditional coastal house, but once you get inside, the decor will charm and a perfect tones of bright colors. Even the front door is in line with what awaits inside. The word that best describes the interior design is “neat” – it’;s exactly dosed and extremely comfortable. The living room has 2 parts separated by a gate. The sofas and chairs are light blue, one table with ivory, the other – light green.Bedroom and children’;s room are in one room. Cot is given in polunisha, and in one corner is made ​​for play tent curtains of white, covered with light blue bedspread and eerie lantern for lighting sacrosanct playground. Very interesting is the operating room – the desk is placed in the corner by the tapered column that is used for built-in wardrobe.

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Coastal house in bright colors


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