The innovative iToilet for Apple Fans

Stylish, elegant and highly innovative, yet called iPoo, the iToilet of Milos Paripovic was designed. It has an efficient flush technology and enthusiastic about using your apple shape not only the fans of Apple, but anyone who for the first time she has in mind. The toilet consists of the same aluminum as that used in the production of apple notebooks. The water tank has been at the same time functional and aesthetically shaped as apple stem.

Milos Paripovic is currently working as a freelance artist in the digital domain and graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He has not done this specific form of iToilet but contempt for the logo of the IT giants, but rather chosen from an ergonomic point of view.

An undisputed must for Apple Fans

54c05  itoilet elegant und innovativ

Would such a brilliant toilet in apple shape for you?

54c05  itoilet geschmeidige obst form

The toilet seat is even thinner than the MacBook Air and the square button for the water rinse, which has something of the iPhone look that fits perfectly with the design and can be set to, so you use less water. It is claimed that the iToilet much easier to clean than any conventional keyboard. With its elegant shape in style Apple this toilet is an incredibly stylish addition to your certain village, where you can sit comfortably while listening to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or even iMac.

Although Apple followers will see the superior competence in the first place, with the iToilet was built, maintained Milos Paripovic that he has designed the toilet by no means as advertising for the products of Apple. He was doing much more to the opulence and the uniqueness of his work of art.

Ultra modern and ultra comfortable

54c05  itoilet metallgl%C3%A4nzender deckel und toilettenbrille

A modern work of art in silver gloss

54c05  itoilet mit ge%C3%B6ffnetem deckel

Bright and original – the undisputed eye-catcher

54c05  itoilet passt perfekt zum glas fliesen

Are you just as excited as we are? No matter which brand cell phone or computer you like, we will be glad to have piqued your interest in the iToilet.


The innovative iToilet for Apple Fans


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