Cute blouses for your days at work

One of the most stressful things, although many seem exaggerated them, is dressed in the morning. For us women is very important as we see in the morning to go to work or  go to the office.

We can take more time than expected just because we doubt that will be the attire of the day or twenty things we tried that in the end we say same thing we tried first.

What we can do is play with clothes and learn to combine.One of the items that never fail are the blouses are perfect for work and even if they are beautiful, elegant and modern and flirty touches that we all love .

That’;s why we show you some blouses designs so you can get an idea of what to wear.

Blouse in cream or natural color, V neck 3/4 Sleeves. has a slightly loose and drop design “chiffon” which gives you more room in the waist area. The neckline comes to form a “Y” that passes through the chest with a thicker than the rest of the blouse texture. Combine it with a black skirt or dress pants with cigarette in black or beige. Some heels will go perfect.

a284a  blusa1

This blouse is a must in your wardrobe, because everything is going perfect, besides being a classic design, but with details that give a touch modern and sexy. Long sleeves with high collar and small buttons that are internally along chest. In the neck and chest you can see creases and small clamps. You can wear it with a skirt or dress pants black, brown, lead, beige or white and black shoes or earth color. depending on the tone of your choice pants.

3ba49  blusa9

Beautiful blouse with lace embroidery yarn with design of leaves and flowers. The high round neck, short sleeves.The fall is having loose for better comfort. Use it with dark pants, to create a contrast between the bodice and the garment below. You can get high or low shoes in black color.

64396  blusa3

Simple blouse, but with unique details. Natural color, internal buttons. Shirt collar and long sleeves. The cut is slightly loose at the sides and the back has pleats or tables vertical. Wear it with skinny jeans or boot cut black or dark earth tone ending with shoes or high heels booty in natural color or according to the blouse.

e310c  blusa52

Another basic blouse, which should be between your clothing is this model because it is super light, with hang loose in the abdomen and the color will never fail you because it goes with everything. V-Neck Long Sleeved. You can wear it with pants or skirt color you want or just get a cigarette or cut trousers in black boot with black shoes or black or animal print ballerinas and give the perfect contrast put some kind of accessory, like a necklace or bracelets.

e310c  blusa4

Hang loose blouse straight. has a pastel color on the bottom and the top is black with lace. Furthermore, the area of the back button takes the full length in a vertical line, which gives it that different, modern and flirty touch.Use it with skinny black pants, so that there is a level between the loose blouse and pants. Shoes can be both high and low, depending on your comfort, but either you are perfect options.

5871b  blusaa6

Blouse in lavender , long sleeves with embroidery on the neck and end of the sleeves. In the second picture you can see the design of the back, which also carries lace embroidery but also has buttons to more than half of the back and has a cut on forming a V neckline with small clamps to each side. You can wear it with a skirt or black or gray pants.

9f1f6  blusa71
9f1f6  blusaa7

Blouse should not miss. Design with thin vertical lines. V-neck shirt collar. Long Sleeved. This blouse fits the body , is fitted. Take a clamp on each side of the chest in order to create more volume. You can combine it with a black skirt or black slacks.

da43a  blusa8

Do not forget to try and test new designs blouses, so that you easier when combining your clothes. Remember that you do not need thousands of blouses if you know how to combine them.

Cute blouses for your days at work


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