Nice shoes for the office!

Go to the office and not knowing what to wear can be a big problem every morning, as soon as you wake up thinking about what clothes you combine, what skirt or pants, blouse, blazer or jacket wear and 1000 other things.

Also not only that, but we are also earrings accessories,and the most important and all women we love are the shoes, yes shoes. We think what color combines with all clothing, if we or one with high heels without heels or maybe some ballerinas or flats dress. Everything can be reached to turn into a mess if you do not know what to wear.

That’;s why this time we show different shoe designs and options you can use for your days at the office and so have an idea of what to wear.

Basic . Black shoes with internal platform, so that your feet are much more rested and not feel discomfort if you have a long time to be stopped or be walking from one side to another. The good thing about a pair of black shoes is left with everything. You can combine them with what you want for the office, trousers, skirts, blouses, etc..

da161  zof1

Nice shoes sand colored platform. They are super comfortable with line design in the form of rising bow which give it a distinct touch. You can combine them with a pair of black or brown dress or skirt to knees, also a black blouse, yellow or earth tone.

e62a8  zof2

Medium heel shoes with crocodile design tip. In the heel portion, at the top and at the tip carries a smooth silvery.The heel also wears alligator. Take media platform to better support your feet. You can combine them with black dress pants and a blouse in pink, black, blue, white.

e62a8  zof3

High heel shoes with double platform. Take 2 combinations in black and cream at the edges running from the heel to the tip. You can combine them with dress pants with boot more broadly, as a bell or a more fitted pants, a dress skirt also teams well with a cream blouse or natural color.

79938  zof4

Shoes design with black fabric color, lace type in the entire length. The tip is open on fish mouth shaped.Original Super. You can combine them with some black or natural tone blouse and black trousers or skirt.

28b37  zof5

Shoe with small heel in brown color. Pointed. Lightweight and comfortable. In the heel wears a small chain. You can combine them with pants or skirt brown, beige or earth color and blouse to give contrast, if you use a dark garment down, try to use something clear at the top.

28b37  zof6

So you know, go for it and start to use and combine more than one type of shoes for days at the office.

Nice shoes for the office!


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