A cool game tower pirate ship for your children

A playhouse for children is always very welcome, especially if it is as exciting as this game tower pirate ship from Hammacher Schlemmer , which you can see above. Your children are the adventurous house certainly very like to have. Usually more guys stand up ships and pirates, but this great game tower also has girls bie8 what. In the garden or in the courtyard placed the pirate ship provides all children with the unique opportunity to spend many pleasant and exciting hours when playing together in the fresh air.

Also, the game tower pirate ship will create an extremely unconventional atmosphere in the exterior of your home.Made of fir wood and painted with non-polluting paint the ship looks very realistic. The price is unfortunately also not be overlooked. The smart play tower pirate ship costs about EUR 20 000. So we can come up with a few creative alternatives, right? Check out the next play house ideas!

A more modest version for smaller pirate is this sandbox pirate ship

A pirate ship with slide and climbing wall – also not a bad idea

19863  spielturm piratenschiff aus hellem holz und kletterwand

Small and delicate with great Pirate Flag

19863  spielturm piratenschiff klein aber fein

It looks a bit like on a theater stage, right?


Here one has really thought of everything

5392e  spielturm piratenschiff gro%C3%9F wie echt

A game tower pirate ship will make the heart of every little Pirate higher

5392e  spielturm piratenschiff mit gro%C3%9Fem steuerrad

What do you think? How will your children react when they see such a great game tower pirate ship in the yard?

A cool game tower pirate ship for your children


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